12 Days Of Christmas Nail Art Challenge

Update: If you want your design put into my Facebook album for this, tag me on Instagram @naileditnz (preferably tag me IN the photo in case I miss it in my news feed). Alternatively, post it to my facebook wall or put your link at the link-up at the bottom of each post. See all of my posts here!

I love nail art challenges! Last year Anjali (From L&P To English Tea), Hannah (AGirlWithSomeClothes) and I made the 31 day nail art challenge (Take Two) for the month of December. One design a day! While I did come up with HEAPS of cool designs that month, it was also a wee bit stressful trying to do one each day. So this year, we decided to make a new one.
Introducing the 12 Days of Christmas Nail Art Challenge!

We thought carefully about the different days and the order, and think this will make for a really good challenge, with plenty of variety! We tried to make it in somewhat chronological order, and made sure that on the 27th (when you're probably too busy clearing up/getting home to do something intricate) we had a simple challenge that can be interpreted however you like.
Just in case anyone can't see the picture (and for SEO purposes, of course!) here's the list in non-image form:

1st December - Christmas Tree
3rd December - Wrapping Paper/Presents
5th December - Christmas Candy
7th December - Christmas where you live
10th December - Inspired by a Christmas Carol/song
12th December - Santa's Workshop & his list
15th December - Inspired by a Christmas Movie
18th December - Snow (Snowflakes & Snowmen)
21st December - Christmas Decorations
24th December - Santa & Friends
27th December - Christmas Sparkle
31st December - New Years

We also made a button so you can spread the word - just copy the HTML code and stick it in your blog's sidebar if you're taking part :)

Nailed It NZ

You'll be able to link your post at the bottom of my one each day once the challenge begins. So join in the fun! Helps you get in the Christmas spirit and you'll find yourself with 12 new gorgeous designs at the end of the month. Plus you might meet some cool new bloggers!

Anjali is brilliant with designing just about anything, and did all the art for this. Her blog is so much nicer-looking than mine, go check it out here!

She created a banner for each day, which will be posted at the top of all our posts. If you want to do that to you can see all 12 of the banners ready to go here!
I'M SO EXCITED FOR THIS. Bring on December!


  1. EEEEEEEEp! So exciting! Can't wait! :)

  2. Is it ok to participate just some of the days or is it all or nothing?

    1. Totally okay to just do some - just add you blog link to the linky tools thing for the day so we can see which ones you've done :)

  3. How exciting! This sounds like just my cup of tea. One each day sounds a bit full on, but one every two days is much more manageable. :)


  4. this looks nice i ll try my best for this...do we need to put inklinkz as well ?

  5. Hope to have my mojo back by then. 2 weeks of nakedness and nubbins so far! Let's see how long they are by the first xo

  6. hi, i added the html of this pic its not working on my blog can u please check thanks !!

  7. This is awesome, you girls are great! I'm really excited =D

  8. This is awesome, you girls are great! I'm really excited =D

  9. Girls I would love to join your challenge :)) Challenge looks great and I can't wait!

  10. Joining in as well! :D Thanks for the challenge!


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