Poppy Flower Water Decals From KKCenterHk

 I have these cute poppy water decals from KKCenterHk, and decided to try them out yesterday. As I hadn't used water decals like this before and wasn't 100% sure on how to use them, I checked the website. It ended up being quite an entertaining experience - it didn't have instructions but it did say "Little beetle want to try morning glory's honey, they are keep close very slowly and quietly. Let's try to DIY your nails. When you finish, sharing this with your friends." Right :P.

The picture below shows the sheet they came on - I ended up cutting each strip into three pieces, so I could have three nails done on each hand. I probably could have stretched it to four nails, and those with smaller nails could get it on all their nails if they were careful when cutting them out.

By the way, this is one of the items I'm giving away for my KKCenterHk giveaway, which closes in early October. It's really easy to enter, check it all out here!

They were pretty easy to apply, but I'm so talented I still managed to screw it up! They're water decals, so like temporary tattoos for your nails. Here's how you're supposed to use them.

1. Paint your nails white (or whatever you want) and let them dry.
2. Cut out the pieces - squares are fine, you don't need to shape them to your nail because it's easy to remove the excess later.
3. Dunk one piece in water for up to five seconds. There's a plastic lining on it - you can choose whether to take the plastic lining off or not before submerging them. If you don't take it off be sure to not leave the decal in the water for long! 

This is where I went wrong. I left three decals in the water for too long and the decal stuck itself to the plastic lining instead of my finger. When you take it out it's impossible to know which side it stuck to. I tried to stick the plastic bit to my nail but it was too thick and didn't work. Fortunately while trying this, I got one of them to work on my right hand - accidentally. The decal came unstuck from the plastic and stuck on my nail. 
So that was a bit of a mission, but it was my own fault for leaving them in too long. Remember, one at a time and for a few seconds!
Anyway, after that it's pretty simple. 

4. Assuming you've taken the plastic lining off, press the design on to your nail and hold for about 10 seconds. Once it's stuck you can peel the backing off. 
5. Dry it with a hair dryer on the cool setting. This isn't completely necessary, but you want them dry before you apply a... 
6. Top coat! 
7. Remove the excess decal with some nail polish remover and a cotton bud.

I used China Glaze Running In Circles on the ring and thumb fingers, and China Glaze White on White for the others.

I hope this post makes sense! I'm writing it while listening to music, which is never a good idea for me. I start writing what the song says or just zone out...

You can buy these water decals from KKCenterHk for $2.82 here!

Here are some more handy links for their shop:

*This product was provided to me for honest review by KKCenterHk*

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  1. these look great! love the website instructions :P

  2. These are superb :) And I love Running in Circles! It's a favourite of mine :)

  3. I love these with the green accent nails, really great idea!

  4. I found that taking the clear plastic cover off worked best for me. They are a bit harder to use when they aren't pre-cut for your nail.


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