Cupcake nail art with hundreds & thousands!

I slightly altered my old version of cupcakes when I did these on a friend recently. Instead of using a glitter top coat for the sprinkles, I painted a bunch of tiny multi-coloured specks so that they looked like hundreds and thousands!

Here's my old tutorial, for those who missed it first time round :).

Also, don't forget...

(click the picture to go enter).

I'm really happy with this slight variation, and will definitely do it again and again! It takes more time but adds a little something extra.

Not a lot else to say about these cupcake nails, but on a side note I went back to my old preschool centre today and had a wonderful reception from the kids there, including having a beautiful little three-year-old tell me this story:
"Once upon a time there was a Jessie. One day she ran away because the hill fell down. Then she bought some eggs. I'm an apple tree! All finished."
There was also a four-year-old boy that I thought didn't like me that much (he's a tad mischievous so I've told him off a few times) who ran up to me, tapped my side and said "JESSIE!!" with a huge grin on his face. He went on to tell me he had missed me heaps and that he had a dream about me. That was incredibly cute and unexpected.
I love children ☺.

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