Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Nails! My Cadbury Dream...

I found an awesome competition here in New Zealand recently. It's called Cadbury Dreams - they ask people what their dreams are and then make a few come true. There are sooo many entries - 10,000 so far! So I know I won't win, but hey, might as well try. I have heaps of dreams, so to choose just one was pretty hard. But the one I came up with was pretty awesome, I think - watch the video to see what it was ;).

The video and nails weren't really necessary but I figured I should give it my all. My dream's casually too expensive though, the ones that have won so far look to be around or less than $1000. Mine would be excellent for filming though - so visually exciting!
 Anyway, so here's my cadbury chocolate nail art!

I don't love it, to be honest. I did the writing on the chocolate bars in the wrong place and the photos are pretty shocking. But oh well, I'll re-do them one day and make them better. Still kinda yum-looking!

Here's the right hand!

Hope you like my yummy chocolate nail art! Cadbury chocolate is blantantly the best in the world. Okay, Whittakers is great too, but I can't stand all that stuff from overseas! My Aunty used to send us chocolate from Europe when she lived there and it was so average - no offence to those who like it though, of course!. I think New Zealand's chocolate is just a bit sweeter.

Random little life excerpt; today my husband and I bought heaps of bubble mixture and blew bubbles all the way down one of the main streets in my town! People gave us such funny looks and one guy even talked to us, looking rather amused. We blew bubbles at the intersections and they just went everywhere... I felt like a little kid hanging out with my best friend. We also ate Mcflurrys and walked about 10,000 steps.
 It. Was. Awesome.
 I kind of just wanted to write this in here so I won't forget today in the future. On the downside, I found a heap of maggots at the bottom of our scrap bin. It was legitimately the most disgusting thing I have ever experienced - I didn't even scream when I saw them, just threw the bucket down and ran indoors quivering, begging Chris to save me. I actually just about cried. What a wimp, I know, but they were so unexpected and wriggly and DISGUSTING! Eurgh, now I feel sick. Time to think about chocolate again, me thinks.

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  1. Nails were totally cool, wish I had some chocolate now damn u! That day of blowing bubbles sounded like a really awesome, fun thing to do. I'd love to do something random like that with my best friend! And finally I had a similar experience with maggots when I cleaned one of my bird cages out. I knew there was a foul smell but couldn't figure where it was coming from since I'd changed the paper in there that day. Then I pulled out the tray underneath and SPEW, there the little f***ers were. Makes me shudder just thinking bout it!

    1. Mmm chocolate. It was so much fun! Best day evaaaaar, haha. Oh gross that's yuck too! They're such disgusting little things, why can't they look like mini-kittens?

    My boyf has bought me the 1KG bar of cadbury milk chocolate before and now I want one... thanks ;P

    PS Bubbles reduce stress. People who play with bubbles are less stressed. They may also mostly be 7 years old but that's beside the point bahaha <3

    1. Oooh my god that sounds amazing :O. Haha seven year olds have it sorted though!


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