Tutorials For Metallic Tiger Stripe Nails!

You may have noticed that I've been making tutorials out of my YouTube videos - I've done it to my rainbow and rose nails and now these ones! Hopefully it'll help spread the word about my YouTube. I don't have any problem with people not giving credit for these particular tutorials too, so share away! It's not like they're lacking in watermarks, haha. Just don't edit them!!

Hope you like them! You can find my YouTube here. Thanks to those who have subscribed lately - I'm over 1000 now, a huge milestone! Next goal, 10,000 ;).

Annnd that's about it, pretty short post today. But I've got the rest of the day to myself so I might just write up and schedule a few more and be organised for once! I'm on call at the moment at work and while I'm still getting a decent amount of hours it sucks not knowing when you'll be working! Just when I think I've got the day off I get a phone call asking to come in. I'm loving the new centres I'm in though, so it's fine :).

Please subscribe to my YouTube so you can see all my future tutorials! Got a really cool design planned once I get my mum's video camera back off her.

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