Burburry/Plaid Nail Art - With 3D Bows From KKcenterhk

Today I have some cute little plaid bows to review, and like the last bows I reviewed from KKcenterhk I decided to paint the bow pattern onto the rest of my nails. Love them! 

The polishes and items I used for this design are:
PiCture pOlish - Beige
Maybelline Color Show - Onyx Rush
Maybelline Color Show - Porcelain Party
Maybelline Color Show - Keep up the flame 
OPI - Suzi Loves Cowboys

These bows are absolutely adorable, but I was gutted when the back touched some nail polish that had dripped on to the desk and ruined one of the bows! So that's something to bear in mind. Also, they only come in packs of two. You can normally re-use them if you hold on to them when they come off, but don't expect a big pack.

You can buy these at KKcenterhk for $4 US. Click here to go to their store!

You can get 10% off my using my coupon:

Here are some other handy links about these nail decororations and KKcenterhk!

 Hope you like these nails! They were my first attempt at plaid nails (I think, anyway) so I was happy for an excuse to give them a shot!

I should probably add to those following my Social Games journey that I was eliminated yesterday. To be perfectly honest it was what I wanted, as I had had my fun and it was getting a bit too much out of my comfort zone - drama, abusive tributes and nakedness (lol). I made some great friends and did some amazing things - like bungy jumping, snail eating and jet boating; but I'm glad it's over. I missed my husband very much and since I've been back I've been on cloud nine! Thanks to all of those that voted for me; you're awesome and I really appreciate it :).

*This product was provided to me for honest review by KKCenterHk*

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  1. Love the manicure! I'm sorry you got voted off :(

  2. nice, what a coincidence with the burberry plaid pattern, I did and posted burberry inspired nails today too!


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