Nail blogs with awesome names

 I'm a secret fan of puns, so it's no surprise that I used one in my own blog name. However, I've noticed that there are SO many better ones around, so I've collected them all and put them in this post so you can giggle along with me. They're not all puns, some I just think are cool names for a nail blog. So, in no particular order...

Legally Nailed
The Nailasaurus
Chalkboard Nails
Tara's Talons
One Nail to Rule them All
The Daily Nail
Seize the Nail
Nicole Gets Nailed  
The Holy Nail
Polish All The Nails
10 Blank Canvases

If any of these blogs are new to you, go visit them and subscribe!
There are probably heaps more out there like this, so go ahead and put the links in the comments - I won't delete them, promise!

On a side note, I think my modem's dying. My internet keeps going crazy - slow, fast, non-existant... However it could be because there are heaps of storms in different parts of New Zealand at the moment, maybe it's interfering. Bit annoying!

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  1. Our blog is called The NailBox after the mailbox song from blue's clues!

  2. There's also I'm Feeling Nail-venturous and Nothing Personail :)

  3. I'm sad you don't think mine is a good name! HAHA. My highschool nickname was Fingers because I play the piano, and I'm a nurse-therefore the mania is a medical term. My tagline is OCP instead of OCD like obsessive compulsive behavior which we polish people have-guess maybe only I get my title! Love your list though!

    1. Oh, I didn't have time to check ALL the blog names - yours is awesome! Haha love it :)

  4. I've always been a big fan of The Nailphile. Both the name and the blog. :D It's an awesome pun.

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