Nail addict meet up + gradient floral nails!

A month or so ago I went to a nail addict meet up in my town! It was so awesome and I met all these cool people that I hadn't met in person before :).

They were:
Gemma (doesn't have a blog - yet!)

I think that was everyone. I'm going to feel terrible if I missed anyone, but I think that's it! Plus me, of course, and seven sounds about right.

Here are the nails that I ended up with on the day!

I got my first Sinful Colors here too! Here's the beautifully messy table part way through. Most of us brought along a few polishes, to sell, giveaway or just show off.

I had no idea what I was doing with these nails, I just kept going and was pleasantly surprised at the result!

The white flowers were stamped with konad - not sure of the plate number, I'm afraid, as they're not mine. It's a very pretty design though! I just added in the extra black vines and a glittery top coat to finish it off.


Hope you like them!

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  1. Another one you just nailed...this is so great! Love the colors - the addition of the black 'vining' or twigs and branches is use what was needed to off-set the rest. You are so patient with all the clean up this kind of art takes...I am lucky to get and keep my nails covered in color - I maybe get to do more then just one accent nail every couple weeks.


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