Fall/Autumn Nail Art - Open Roses (with tutorials!)

Now that I'm not working as much, I'm devoting a lot more time and effort to my blog and YouTube. I really want to make something out of this, especially as I'm going to do a Nail Technician course next year. I figured that one way to do it was to use something I hate to my best advantage... sneaky sneaky, Jessie! So, I hate when my pictures are stolen and go viral without credit. However, there have been times when this has been good - specifically for tutorials, as I label "check out Nailed it NZ" on Facebook on most of them. I'm assuming that's the reason why I'm coming up to 10,000 Facebook fans! So, I've decided to carefully (and painstakingly) make each of my YouTube tutorials into picture ones as well - but point the viewer straight to both my Facebook and YouTube! I think Robin Moses has the right idea - she watermarks all over her pictures telling people where to find her, and it works! She has 140,000 subscribers, and always increasing. For me, it might just be a colossal waste of time, but it's the best idea I have so I might as well give it a shot. Maybe it's not the best idea to reveal my marketing strategy, haha. But hey, if it works it might also help others and I pride myself on being an open and honest person, and therefore I want an open and honest blog.

Alright, moving on to the nail art! A few days ago I reviewed some studs for Born Pretty Store and in the process created some rather pretty roses - you can see that post here. I had a couple of requests for a tutorial so got straight to it! I uploaded the YouTube one last night, and created this picture tutorial this morning. 

Obviously the picture tutorials are very minimal compared to my normal ones, but that just gives people incentive to check out my YouTube tutorials. I try to keep all of those ones under five minutes long, most around the two minute mark. This is because I can't stand watching videos where they just talk and talk and talk for ages and take half an hour to show you something relatively simple! For beauty things anyway. For entertainment YouTube Channels it's much more about the individual person, so they can do whatever they want. Of course, that's just my opinion.

I forgot to take a photo of the nails I did for this tutorial after painting them... I still can't believe it, I never do that! I realised straight after wiping off the first one and was so annoyed at myself! Thankfully I had some screenshots that I could edit a little bit, but they're extremely poor quality... lame. Here are the "best" ones.

The Colours I used are:
Maybelline - Fierce N Tangy
Maybelline - Keep Up the Flame
Maybelline - Onyx Rush
China Glaze - White on White
Acrylic paint was from the Warehouse Stationary and the brand is FAS.

And again, here's the same design but different colours that I did a few days ago. I definitely like this one more, putting the photography aside. Still, it's fun to play around with different colours! I hope I get to see a few recreations! If you try it out, post it on my Facebook wall or tag me on Instagram @naileditnz.

Well, hope this tutorial (or tutorials, technically) is useful!

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  1. lovely! what is that brush you are using? it is so fine!

  2. The tutorial is sooo good, also with the picture-one! Your brush is so fine, I wa t one like that o:

  3. you rock Jessie!!! i love your roses

  4. Much as I love a lot of what Robin Moses does...I really dislike that so much of the work is really covered by all the watermarking she does. I know it's got to be upsetting when anyone takes your art/swatches and claims them as their own. Some folks I think are just unaware how to pin or copy things..or they get just so far in the process and cannot get their keyboard to work with the spot they are pinning to or placing them into Tumbler. I find Tumbler really hard to give credit for things - there are times also on Tumber one cannot even leave any comments. I am so not a FB fan - takes way too much time - I would get nothing else done all day and the privacy issues are chronically changine - all the plug ins then have their own privacy policies and on and on...so I don't even use FB anymore. I hope you don't put as much watermarking over your photos as Robin has..your color photos are so crisp and clear and often Robin's are not...but that might be part of her 'design' as well - don't know but I find it frustrating not to have really sharp, great quality photos to look at. I also have to say I love your short block collage photo tutorials...those to me are 99% all I want vs videos. It's hard to freeze a YouTube video and catch up. So I applaud that you want to do more videos but I love, love what you do with photos and find your simple written directions really more then helpful!

    1. I'll just be watermarking over my tutorial photos - those are the ones that tend to go viral without credit :). I initially thought the same about Robin's pictures but now I think it's clever - the pictures she takes aren't her work in itself, her work is the video and the picture is an advertisement. That's how I see it anyway. I'd keep doing more picture tutorials and leave it at that but there's no way I'll ever make money out of that, whereas YouTube there's at least the possibility! I'll have to drop my nail art in a few years if I'm not making an income off it by then. Plus YouTube's more fun :). Thanks for your comment!

  5. I think with all of the recent growth of nail-pics stealing going on, you should definitely watermark your pics! I've had to start upping my water mark because of few of mine went...well astray.

    Anyways, what I really meant to tell you was:

    I LOVE this look, and I shared it in a fall roundup on my blog for all things non-creepy Halloween nail art.

    This is the post's link:

    Thanks for sharing your tutorials and designs with us :)

    1. Yeah, I've had awful experiences with it :(. Oh thank you for sharing it!!


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