Boyfriend does my make-up!

As I've mentioned, I'm currently living in the Social Games house, 500km away from my family, friends and husband (oh wow, considering the name of this that sounds sus!). It's like Big Brother - we're constantly on camera and it's being streamed live to The Edge website. Yesterday we went bungy jumping and ate snails and that's just the beginning... Omg it is SO much fun though. I'm doing all of these things I never would have and I am LOVING IT! I don't want to go home but even if I do get eliminated soon I won't regret any of this. It's fantastic. Amazeballs. And really creepy as all my friends back home are watching my every move. Not even kidding, I'm eating cereal and someone will be like "enjoying that?" Stalkers!

Anyway me and a friend from the house did the "boyfriend does my make-up" tag on YouTube. Kinda awkward as I'm married but I'm sure people will get it, haha. I personally think it's hilarious. If it actually gets out there I know we'll get hate but I don't even care, THIS IS SO COOL!

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  1. I've already said it on Facebook, but this is the So funny! :D

  2. Thanks but I don't and won't use Facebook for anything - it's way too invasive to my post on how else we can vote.


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