Very important, please read!!

I got in!! If you check out my second-to-last post it shows my audition to The Edge Social Games. I'm now one of 10 people in New Zealand who are put in a house for three weeks with strangers, and am in to win $20,000!! Every few days there will be eliminations and the whole thing is going to be live on web cam on The Edge's (a radio station) website. So basically, a whole lot of fun, but also challenging and scary and I'm going to miss my husband sooo much!! 

So...I need heaps of likes on my new facebook page - I'm only putting my new nails on there while this is going probably. Here it is!! More links coming soon! 

I really need you his to all vote for me. Voting starts on Monday and resets after each audition - you can vote here!

 Naturally my blog etc will all change like crazy for the next few weeks but I still will be updating heaps on my Facebook! So like the page up there and help me out!! I'd love to see the nail community get together to help me out in this, it's the biggest thing I've ever been a part of and such a huge opportunity for both me and my blog.

Aahh that's all I can think of right now. I've been hanging out with four other "tributes" for the last few hours and they're real cool :). All kinds of crazy fancy-sounding things are happening tomorrow and I'm so lucky to be here!! 


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