Matte top coat from Born Pretty Store

You may have noticed that I never use matte top coats in my nail art. This is not because I have anything against the matte look; in fact, I love it! It's just that the only matte top coat I had  left streaks in the finish, exposing the glossy polish underneath. So when I was choosing something to review from Born Pretty Store, I decided to give their matte top coat a try.

Overall, I was pleased. First I tried it out over Jordana's "Purple Glam". The streaks were minimal and I realised afterwards when looking at the product info page that they probably only existed because I didn't wait until the first layer was completely dry.

Without top coat
With Matte top coat
Wish my nails were longer though! WHY DID I CUT THEM! Anyway, I wanted to do something a little more special so I got my striping tape out and created this.

I really liked it, although it was a bit tatty in places. I kept wanting to use a top coat to smooth it out but knew that it would ruin the whole effect!

Best thing about this? It's only $3.39! It's on special at the moment so if you want some, don't wait around. You can use my discount code for a further 10% off, too! You can buy it here. They also have heaps of other nail art products too!

*This product was provided to me for honest review from Born Pretty Store*

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  1. I found that matte top coat can settle & then the finish comes out uneven. I added shaker beads to my matte bottles & now they work properly after a good shake.

    1. A friend of mine has this problem too but I don't use Matte enough to notice! I'll let her know though, thanks!


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