Holographic zebra stripes - with a fan brush

I'm writing this on my phone using the blogger app and it's so weird... I've always done my posts on the computer! Not sure if I'll use it much. However, I'm away and haven't posted since Wednesday so need to get to it. Although I can't really do all the links properly, so I'll have to add them in when I get home tonight. 

I was using another Born Pretty Store Holographic nail polish, this one a purple.  I've already reviewed a blue one and they're pretty much the same except different colours. Good consistency, colour and application; just get it on a sale or else it's a bit pricey for a small bottle. Right now these polishes are down from $12.88 to $5.59 so if you want one don't wait around!

 Here are a couple of photos of the polish before I've done anything to it. I find holos hard to photograph, especially in the middle of winter!

I did some striping with a fan brush ages ago and decided to give it another try. To be honest this isn't the best colour combination, as the purple's too dark to see much contrast - but at least it's harder to see the imperfections! Success, haha.

You can buy the purple holographic nail polish here, and other nail art stuff (like brush kits) here!
Use my coupon code, CEL91 for an extra 10% off :).

If you're unsure what a fan brush is, they're those brushes that come in the usual nail brush set that everyone wonders what to do with. This! You can do this! I'll have to do this again sometime, maybe with a nice white background with orange and teal over the top.

I just got back from a weekend away with my family (and husband)! It was the first time I've been on a holiday with them in years, and it was really nice! We did heaps of cool things like go to the zoo, the movies and even went on a big bike ride on this coastal walkway. I decided I really like New Plymouth :). I'm normally quite very lazy on holidays but after a couple of hours of just lounging around it was me that was wanting to go do stuff! Probably helps that my parents were paying though.

Oh, I have another Born Pretty Store giveaway starting soon! Not 100% sure when... just when I get a chance to set it all up. I will never understand how all those other bloggers that work full time do it. I have so many posts to write and I haven't painted my nails in close to a week! On the upside they are definitely not stained anymore!

New YouTube video still coming soon, by the way! Again, it's filmed but the editing and post-writing is the part that takes time.

Hope you like this nail polish and design!

*This product was provided to me for honest review from Born Pretty Store*
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