Friday, 30 August 2013

Very important, please read!!

I got in!! If you check out my second-to-last post it shows my audition to The Edge Social Games. I'm now one of 10 people in New Zealand who are put in a house for three weeks with strangers, and am in to win $20,000!! Every few days there will be eliminations and the whole thing is going to be live on web cam on The Edge's (a radio station) website. So basically, a whole lot of fun, but also challenging and scary and I'm going to miss my husband sooo much!! 

So...I need heaps of likes on my new facebook page - I'm only putting my new nails on there while this is going probably. Here it is!! More links coming soon! 

I really need you his to all vote for me. Voting starts on Monday and resets after each audition - you can vote here!

 Naturally my blog etc will all change like crazy for the next few weeks but I still will be updating heaps on my Facebook! So like the page up there and help me out!! I'd love to see the nail community get together to help me out in this, it's the biggest thing I've ever been a part of and such a huge opportunity for both me and my blog.

Aahh that's all I can think of right now. I've been hanging out with four other "tributes" for the last few hours and they're real cool :). All kinds of crazy fancy-sounding things are happening tomorrow and I'm so lucky to be here!! 

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

"Roses & window panes" nail art

I did these nails last weekend and absolutely loved them! I was inspired by three instagram users, @gashin_nails, @glitterfingers and @i_heart_nailart. All of our rose nails are a little bit different, but have the same basic idea of pink roses with a black and white background. My background was meant to be more of a gingham or plaid pattern - didn't really end up that way but I'm still happy with the outcome! Looks a lot like window panes, maybe with a cold and grey day outside.

Speaking of cold, brrr I'm freezing. I need to write this quickly so I can hop into bed and be warm! 

Sunday, 25 August 2013

The Edge Social Games - my entry! (includes nail art, promise)

This is a bit of a different post. First up, I have had the most amazing weekend. I've been feeling a bit blah lately at not having time to do much blogging (and when I do it's not to a particularly high standard). But I had Friday off and it made all the difference! I've spent the last three days making videos, writing blog posts, spending time with friends and family and re-designing my nail room! But that'll be the next post...

Yesterday I was browsing facebook when I saw a post for something called "The Edge Social Games." It's was clearly a take off The Hunger Games, so that intrigued me - I'm a huge Hunger Games fan! Turns out it's a competition run by a New Zealand radio station called The Edge. 10 people from different "districts" in the country are put in a house for three weeks with web cam surveillance. Best part? The prize is $20,000... oh what I could do with that money. Now,  these games are all about social media, as you need to get votes in order to stay in the house. Hmm, social media, voting, the internet... sounds like me!

I spent most of today filming and editing this video; my audition. I don't know what they'll think of it but I've given it my best shot and that's all that really matters! Even if you're not in New Zealand, it's a video all about me so if you're interested, give it a watch!

As you can see at the end of the video, I quickly whipped up some nails that related to this competition. I used some nail tattoos that Harriet from Nailhilism gave me ages ago for the lettering, and added in some random tribal/aztec-like patterns. Not my best but I'm hoping it'll make me more memorable to those making the picks!

Now, I have a confession to make.

Friday, 23 August 2013

Ladybird nail art tutorial!

I did it! Finally got my ladybird nail tutorial up on YouTube. While fixing up all my computer stuff and downloading converters and whatnot I realised that the reason my YouTube uploads took so long was because the the files were WAY bigger than they needed to be! So editing was far less painful than normal.

I even managed to record a narration this time - I've only done that once before and it was horrible and nasally-sounding. It still isn't great quality, but I'm getting there!

Anyway, so here are the ladybird/ladybug nails. I did these originally a few months ago, on a friend.


And here's the tutorial! Hope you all enjoy and please subscribe! Coming up to 1000 subscribers now, yay!

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Nail art essentials - the brushes.

Hi guys - little update from January 2017. I've now released my own line of nail art brushes! They're the four essential brushes you need to create any kind of hand-painted nail art, and I think you'll love them. Find out more about them at my online store - I ship internationally! 


  I've previously mentioned how dotting tools are one of nail art's most essential items - but nail art brushes are even more important! I'm going to show you the set I always buy, which I normally get from Born Pretty Store. While you can do nail art with just the brushes in the bottles you'll be very limited. Brushes mean no limits! This post will tell you about all the brushes and give examples of what you can do with them.

Right, so here are the brushes. They come in a pack of 15, which you can buy here for $5.96 US

They come in the plastic packet seen above, but I usually throw that out as I have a container I keep my brushes in - you can see it at the bottom of this post here. However if you don't have a designated spot for your brushes I recommend keeping the packet - they can get lost under couches and beds very easily!

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Butterfly nails - with Orly "It's up to Blue" & Rimmel "Pulsating."

Here's another design that's been sitting in my folders waiting to see the light of day! Or the darkness of the internet, take your pick. I'm spending the weekend writing up blog posts and scheduling them, I'm excited to be organised finally! So, butterfly nails. Overdone, unoriginal... and awesome. The kids at work loved them too, especially with each hand being different!

As stated the title for this post, the polishes I used were Orly "It's up to Blue" and Rimmel "Pulsating." I used my China Glaze "Ink" polish to do the black lines and I'm assuming China Glaze "White on White" for the dots.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Guest post for Sincerely Stephanie - tribal nails!

Today I'm guest posting on Sincerely Stephanie! I decided to re-create a design that I did when I first started nail art - an interesting then-and-now comparison. Go visit Stephanie's blog to see the difference!

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Saturday, 17 August 2013

$20 voucher giveaway for Born Pretty Store!

As many of you would have noticed, I do a lot of reviews and buy a lot from Born Pretty Store. This is simply because I love it! They have everything I want, need and desire for nail art at low prices with free shipping. Now, as heaps of you have now used my discount code it's time for another giveaway!

$20 US buys you a lot from that store. Here's an example of what you could buy if you won this voucher.
1pc Skull Santa Christmas Halloween Water Decals Nail Art Stickers Decoration - 24 patterns3 x Nail Art Rhinestone Nail Art Lot Dotting pen W Glue

200pc/bag 2mm Neon Round Stud Rhinestone Acrylic UV Gel Nail art - 12 ColorsStamping Nail Art Stamper with Scraper

Heaps eh? Pastel coloured studs, nail decals, rhinestones, stamper and scraper, dotting tools, cuticle sticks, three sets of rhinestones and nail glue!

You can enter here! No cheating, don't say you've done something if you haven't. Also, it's open internationally!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Feel free to save this image to your computer so you'll
have in on hand next time you shop at Born Pretty Store :).

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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Chevron Zig-Zag nails + teal nail polish review!

Today I have... lots of photos! I've recently gone a week without nail polish (simply because I've been too busy to paint them), so when I did these it felt wonderful! I had been planning them out for a few days beforehand, and thankfully the idea actually worked when I tried it out on my nails. The teal nail polish I used is one I'm reviewing from Born Pretty Store. It's great! A shade of one of my favourite colours and only needs a couple of coats. Can't complain at all!

Here's a swatch of the nail polish just by itself that I took ages ago, when I first received this polish. This photo was taken outside, hence the much better lighting!

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Holographic zebra stripes - with a fan brush

I'm writing this on my phone using the blogger app and it's so weird... I've always done my posts on the computer! Not sure if I'll use it much. However, I'm away and haven't posted since Wednesday so need to get to it. Although I can't really do all the links properly, so I'll have to add them in when I get home tonight. 

I was using another Born Pretty Store Holographic nail polish, this one a purple.  I've already reviewed a blue one and they're pretty much the same except different colours. Good consistency, colour and application; just get it on a sale or else it's a bit pricey for a small bottle. Right now these polishes are down from $12.88 to $5.59 so if you want one don't wait around!

 Here are a couple of photos of the polish before I've done anything to it. I find holos hard to photograph, especially in the middle of winter!

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Nautical nails - anchors & chains!

I was hoping to get my new tutorial up on YouTube by now! I re-did these ladybird nails that I did on a friend ages ago, after I had a request for a tutorial. They're super cute (although the video quality was sub-par) but my computer screen won't turn on at the moment. I'll have to post it in the weekend once I've had time to play around with it. Felt I should mention it, as I have 32 little ladybirds on my nails right now, whispering "what about meee?"

These nails were done using some awesome little water decals from Born Pretty Store. This is the last set of decals I have to review at the moment; you can see the rest of them here, here and here. Like the others, these are super easy to apply, just treat them like temporary tattoos. The only thing you need to remember it to turn the design over before placing it on your nails - a strange thing that I've noticed in all the decals I've been reviewing. Don't they look great though? And so easy!

I'll link to where you can buy these decals at the bottom of the post, along with my discount. Here are my nails before I applied the decals. I'm not 100% sure on the colours I used here as I did these quite a while ago, but I'm pretty sure the blue was OPI Russian Navy. The other one could be OPI On her Majesty's secret service... or it could not. Sorry :P.

Monday, 5 August 2013

My top 32 nail polishes!

Most nail polish is good. I rarely come across an actual bad polish (you know the type; bad consistency, frayed brush, needs six coats etc). Nope, most nail polishes are awesome and deliver well. However, some go that little step further and become awesome!

I received this nail display stand from Born Pretty Store to review, and figured it would be a good chance to show off my all-time favourites. First I was planning on doing a different design on each swatch stick, but quickly realised that would take forever, plus the "nails" are so big that the designs would probably look weird. I'll show you a few photos of the stand first, then name my favourite polishes.

Here it is before I attacked it with lacquer. Technically it comes in 33 pieces - but that's just one stand and 32 swatch sticks. The holes in the stand are smaller as they go towards the back of it, so that the swatches are nicely presented. It's pretty sturdy, too!

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Matte top coat from Born Pretty Store

You may have noticed that I never use matte top coats in my nail art. This is not because I have anything against the matte look; in fact, I love it! It's just that the only matte top coat I had  left streaks in the finish, exposing the glossy polish underneath. So when I was choosing something to review from Born Pretty Store, I decided to give their matte top coat a try.

Overall, I was pleased. First I tried it out over Jordana's "Purple Glam". The streaks were minimal and I realised afterwards when looking at the product info page that they probably only existed because I didn't wait until the first layer was completely dry.