Spongebob Squarepants nails!

Every now again I'll have some nail art that really stands out. I'll remember them for months and months and they're loved on-line and offline. Unfortunately, most of these nail designs require 3+ hours of nail painting... but not these! Introducing...

Spongebob nails! I love how they look, they're so instantly recognisable and perfect! Best of all is that anyone can do them, provided you have a yellow nail polish and $2.86 US. Not bad eh? You can buy them from Born Pretty Store, I'll put all the links a bit further down.

Here's how to use them;  

1. Paint your nails yellow and wait for them to dry - I gave it about half an hour before moving on to the spongebob decals.
2. Cut out however many of the faces you want to use. I used 10 and there are 20 in the pack. 
3. Fill a bowl with luke-warm water and drop a face in. You can either take the plastic seal off before this or leave it on - I did it both ways and it didn't seem to matter. 
4. After about 10 seconds, take the face out of the water - make sure the nail you're going to place it on is wet. Put it on your nail (decal side down) and press down a little bit -same idea as temporary tattoos. Mine were a bit weird, here - the faces were reversed so I had to flip them over. Wasn't a big deal though.
5. If you've got enough water on your nails you should be able to manoeuvre them around quite easily and get them central. 
6. Use a hair dryer to dry and set them (although this isn't terribly necessary, I think).
7. Finish them off with a top coat and you're done!

Next time I use these I think I'll just put them on one finger on each hand and free-hand on some more characters and scenery from Spongebob Squarepants on the other fingers :).

You can buy these from Born Pretty Store, here! Pretty good deal for a couple of bucks, and since they have free shipping it's even better :). They have heaps of other nail art stuff too, in case you're new to them.

Here's my discount code so you can get 10% off:

Hope you like these nails! The kids I work with certainly did!

*This product was provided to me for honest review from Born Pretty Store*


  1. Love them! You make me want to buy more nailart stuff right away!

  2. Oh my gosh Jessie! They're amaaaazing! I need to buy these now!

  3. I got these too, and also found that when you apply them, they're back to front! I just flipped them over and dried them. I didn't think the hair dryer was necessary either :)

    1. They're cool eh? Interesting that you had them back to front too, how did the manufacturers manage to screw that up?? Haha.


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