Skittle nail art - children's version!

Ladybirds, cupcakes, bumblebees, daisies and monarch butterflies! I figured this would be a combination of nail art that children would like, and I was right. At least one child went home that weekend confusing mum when they pulled out her collection and started rambling about ladybugs... cute!

Sick of winter and finishing late, by the way. It means I can only take photos using natural light on the weekends, and when I use my light box it highlights the fact that my hands are freezing cold. Zombie hands FTW. 

I wish I was rich and could jump on a plane and follow summer or spring around the globe. Well, maybe not summer... I hear it's pretty hot in the US right now. 

Hope you like them! Nothing too complicated, but a good way to showcase a few designs, AKA entertain a bunch of pre-schoolers :).

By the way, I have filmed two new YT videos, but have been so busy this weekend that only one is half-edited. So with some luck I'll get one up in the next few days and the other soon after that :).


  1. Apparently it's not all that great in summer here-my boyfriend's originally from Australia and despite the fact the UK is having its hottest summer in years he's still wearing jeans and saying it feels like spring-some people are never happy, haha =p

    As for the nails? LOVE THEM. They're not just for kids because they're AWESOME XD

    1. Oooh maybe I just got confused - I find out about the weather from nail girls on my Facebook that come from all over the place :P. And thanks!!

  2. great mix! I love them all :-)

  3. This is so cute! Having a children's version of a skittle mani is such a good idea! The bumblebee is adorable! :)


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