Silver dotty decals from BPS

I apologize for the bad photos in advance! I seem to be saying that a lot lately - however this will change. I've recently decided to only paint my nails (several times) in the weekend; when I can take photos of them in natural light. Plus having bare nails from Wednesday-Saturday means that I won't have anything to pick at for half the week - yay! I'm still so terrible at that, but it's gotten to the stage that I just don't care that it damages my nails. Those things grow so fast and are ridiculously tough. Anyway, nails!

Born Pretty Store has a wide range of nail decals, which basically make your nails look amazing with minimal effort. I've posted about these before (and will again, I love them) here and here. They're super cheap too, these ones were $1.86 US and there's enough to do each hand twice. I decided to go for a different colours to see which looked best.

I just realised that haven't pointed out that the decal part of this design is just the silver dots - I added the black and white stripes :).

You can buy these here, or check out all the other nail art stuff they have to offer here. 
Don't forget to use my BPS discount code, CEL91!

Hope you like them!

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*This product was provided to me for honest review from Born Pretty Store*


  1. They look so nice! And you managed to make a perfect manicure with them! :-)


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