Pink to purple gradient nails!

Oops. It's Thursday night and I haven't posted since Sunday! Here's the part where I complain about how hard it is to work full time and do a blog post every couple of days. I'm sure so many people must do it but I just find it so difficult at times! It's not the nail painting that takes time, it's the editing, watermarking, writing, and publishing on various different social media sites. And I'm so behind on reviews... I'll have to focus on them this weekend.
What's that thing called a social life?

Anywho, I did these over a month ago, so I'm not 100% sure of the colours. I know that the pink is OPI's Kiss Me on my Tulips and that the gems/rhinestones came from Born Pretty Store, but I have no idea what purple that is I'm afraid!

I can't help but feel some sort of automatic attraction to girly nails. I love random designs like Batman, SpongeBob and Caterpillars and as much as the next person, but there's something to be said for pink. Gender conformity at it's best!

Well I hope you like these nails! One day to go and it'll be the weekend - yay! 
On a side note, my birthday present finally arrived yesterday. I had organised my friends, family and husband to put money together and I ended up with an iPhone 4s! Refurbished, but still so completely awesome; fast, user-friendly AND oh-so-pretty. I'm sure Samsungs are great too though, haha. My brother wasn't entirely approving of my choice of smartphone.

Hope you're having a great day!

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  1. these are so pretty. that OPI is my favourite pink! love the added gems! have fun with your phone, don't smash it!! ^_^

    1. It's a gorgeous colour, isn't it? Lol I'm so protective of my phone - I only just got a case and the screen protectors today and for the last week it's been carried around in a fluffy sock!

  2. Very nice! I have a hard time posting more than once a week too with a full time job!

  3. Happy Birthday! likey those nails! You used 2 of my fav colors & the bling is just right. Oh happy day!


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