piCture pOlish Blog Fest 2013

Celebrating the Year of the Blogger

It's piCture pOlish Blog fest! It's been a secret until now (and I hate hiding things!) so I'm glad it's finally time to let it out. We're all posting at 7pm our time, so for once being in New Zealand is a good thing! Those in America still have 17 hours or so to wait, but as us Kiwis are first to see the sun we are first with this! piCture pOlish selected a bunch of bloggers to create the most "amazing nail art manicure ever" with three of their colours. We could also use black and white polish, providing that it didn't overshadow the PP shades. The rules stated that we could also use striping tape, studs, stamps, etc so I went all out! Three bloggers will win the honour of making a new collaboration shade with Picture Polish - wouldn't that be awesome? There will be three awards - one voted by everyone, one voted by the participants of blog fest and one voted on by Jules and Megs of piCture pOlish. The voting will take place on their Pinterest page. 

On social media sites, the blog fest will be tagged as #ppblogfest2013, so if you have Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, We Heart It or any other site that supports tagging you'll be able to see all the different designs by searching for that tag :). 

I also made a tutorial for one of the nails. I couldn't decide on just one design so I ended up doing three different designs! Almost a skittle manicure, I guess? Here's the tutorial!

Here's a close up of both hands. I was pleasantly surprised at how they turned out!

When I first got my colours I thought "what on earth am I going to do with these?" Don't get me wrong, they're all gorgeous, but I had no idea how I was going to create some nail art using all three of them - it was totally out of my comfort zone! I have an unwritten rule where I almost always only use cremes for nail art. Having only one creme and two similar glittery other colours meant that this was a real challenge for me!
However, I think it was a challenge that paid off, and maybe now I'll be more open to adding some shimmers and glitters into my work :).

The shades I have here are called Cosmos, Splash and Beige. I love them all for different reasons! I'll have to do some more swatches of them (and actually take photos this time) and show them in another post.

Both hands!

I did these on Saturday morning and it's Sunday night now (I'm scheduling this post), but I have a feeling this nail art is going to last well. Tomorrow will be the real test! Working with kids isn't terribly gentle on your hands - and the reason that my nails are so incredibly short at the moment. 

I absolutely love piCture pOlish - I have a few other shades of theirs' and they're some of my favourite polishes. Pretty little bottles are just the beginning!

If you want to browse the piCture pOlish range, you can go to their website, here!
They're an Australian brand, which may affect shipping for you, so check that out here. 
If you want to buy it through another company, perhaps one in your country, check out their networks here.
They've got some great everyday deals, which you can see here.

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Hope you like this design!

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  1. Oh wow, you did amazingly! These are gorgeous, Jessie. Love them.

  2. Very beautiful Jess! Love blues and beige together :)

  3. Totally awesome! Wow :D

  4. WOW I'm in love with your mani!! Especially that glitter leopard is just gorgeous! I need to try that :D These colours look so stunning together.

  5. Just stunning! I love that glittery blue leopard print. By the way, there's an inlinkz code you can add your blog to (and add to your post as well), it's at the bottom of most of the Aussie blogs :)

    1. Found it, thanks! I just snuck in on time :).

  6. Wow, this is so good. :D Loved it.

  7. I agree- cremes are much easier to use for nail art, but these look AMAZING!! I absolutely love glittery leopard print!!!! Good luck!

  8. Love this! The leopard is my fave!

  9. this is so eye catching and just classy. definitely one of my faves of the fest!

  10. This manicure looks awesome!


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