Patchwork nail art tutorial!

Here's some more nail art I did using the Maybelline New York Color Show collection - and I made a picture tutorial too! I'm thinking about making a YouTube video for this design, mostly because I want to do it again :P. I've previously done patchwork nails twice, here and here - I even made a tutorial for that second one. 
But that was my first ever tutorial and pretty average, plus I realised that they look way better with a few patterns on them. Hope you like them!

Again, the colours I used for this design are all from the Maybelline Color Show collection.

From left to right they are:

Onyx Rush
Iced Queen
Born With It
Audacious Ashphalt

Orange Fix
Keep Up The Flame
Fierce and Tangy
Porcelain Party

These kinds of nails are my favourite - something different but not in a crazy way. Not insanely difficult either, but not too easy - I like a challenge!

That's it! Hope you like this tutorial and if you're new to my nail art blog, please note that I have heaps more nail art tutorials here, and a bunch of YouTube tutorials here :). Thanks!


  1. These are lovely, you should definitely do a you-tube tutorial

  2. oh snap Jessie hehe I just did my nails in patchwork today, inspired by the picture I had seen of yours :) xoxo

    1. I just saw them on instagram! Haha good timing!

  3. These are so unique and quirky, love them! Gonna do them today!!!!!!!! xx

  4. probably the most gorgeous patchwork i've ever seen xx

  5. Great tutorial and such an interesting manicure! It's on my "to do" list... :-)

  6. wow these are lovely. Thnx for the tutorial


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