Baroque nail art + nail art pen review

I have a new nail art pen from Born Pretty Store to review! I have a kind of love-hate relationship with these things - I've never found one that I'm completely in love with. However, they do have their uses, which I will explain further down. Here's the design I ended up with! 

I guess it's the Baroque style that's been going round lately, I'm not really sure! I mixed up the colours quite a lot and made all the nails different, so it's quite an interesting design!
As you can see, the pen I used is white, and you can buy it here. 

Like most other nail art pens I've tried, you need to do several different coats to make it opaque, which is a bit annoying. It tends to stab into the still-drying layer below, making bumps, so for this design I just did one coat then went over it with actual polish. 
Here's what the design looked like before I touched it up with nail polish.

So as you can see, it needed something else. Plus when I put the top coat on it smeared the design :/. The pen was good for getting it started (it's hard to do curves with brushes, the lines are too straight and angular) but it wasn't enough. Nail art pens are still very useful for any design that has either lots of round, curly bits like this one, or text. 

Here are all the colours I used:
Revlon: Metallic
China Glaze: Ink
Tip Top: Frenzee
Orly: Luxe (maybe anyway, the label's come off )
Zoya: Akyra
China Glaze: White on White
Kleancolor: Black
And of course the nail art pen.

Again, you can buy this pen here. It's $5.99 US and like the rest of Born Pretty Store products, it has free shipping. If you use my 10% discount code, CEL91 you'll get it cheaper!

Hope you like this design! :)

*This product was provided to me for honest review from Born Pretty Store*