Pastel gradient + KKCenterHk review!

This post has quite a few photos but I just couldn't resist - I love the way these nails turned out plus the lighting was good! A little while ago, KKCenterHk approached me and asked me to review some of their products. I chose these gorgeous glitters by N.Nail!

I've been a bit slow putting a review up, however, as I couldn't decide what to do with them! They fill the middle-ground between glequins and studs; they're quite thick and more raised than glequins, but not as much as studs. They do feel like much better quality than any other nail art glitter/glequin I've used. They're 2.5 mm across and I have no idea how many are in there - heaps! The only problem I had was that my wax pencil didn't work when picking them up - but you can just use clear nail polish and a cuticle stick. Most people don't have wax pencils anyway, but I thought it was worth mentioning for those that do.

They're a gorgeous duo-chrome; purple and turquoise, and really remind me of mermaid scales. Or fish - who remembers/knows of rainbow fish? These totally remind me of that book. Price-wise, they're $8 US, which I think is decent considering the quality and how many you get. Plus I have a 10% off discount further down :).

My friend gave me the idea to do a gradient with them, and I thought it was brilliant! It really highlighted the beauty of the glitters - that sounds dramatic but they honestly are just stunning. I personally found they looked best with no more than three glitters on each nail - but on their product page for this it has several nails completely covered and that looks great too! I guess it's just up to you, the length of your nails and the amount of patience you have.

 If you're interested in the colours I used for this mani, they are:
China Glaze - White on White
China Glaze - Aquadelic
piCture pOlish - Wisteria

I'm going to try name my polishes more now; I'm so terrible at doing that! I found a genius way of doing it - instead of getting up and finding the polishes when I go to write a post, I take a photos of the polish bottles (showing the names) so it's all right there in front of me! I know, lazy right? You wouldn't believe that I've lost 7kg recently!

Handy links:

Here's my coupon code! Put in nailedit1 at checkout and you'll get 10% off!

*This product was provided to me for honest review by KKCenterHk*


  1. Beautiful gradient !!! LOVE <3

  2. Wisteria is such a beautiful colour! :-) I love your gradient manicure, those glitters look interesting too! :-)

    1. It is! One of my favs, I reach for it if I'm just painting my nails one colour. Thanks!


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