Disney nail art #2: Beauty and the Beast!

I feel like I've been waiting a lifetime to show you guys these nails! I did them over a week ago, and normally would have posted them straight away because I love them so much. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I had been organised and had posts already scheduled up until now... so I had to be patient. But here they are!

As you may know, I've given myself a rather relaxed Disney challenge. I have to do nails based on heaps of Disney movies, and they have to be detailed ones! I did Aladdin nails last month, which you can find here. I might do Cinderella next!

I did these nails with acrylic paint, and overall was very happy with how they came out. I particularly liked the Beast and the movie logo. Belle and the rose were okay, but her face is not quite right (and too big) and the rose could be any old rose - not the rose!

Beauty and the Beast is my favourite Disney movie. I watched it so many times as a kid! I must say I did like Cinderella a lot too, but Beauty and the Beast is just that little bit better. The songs are amazing and I like how Belle has many post-feminist qualities - she dreams big and the movie encourages you to be unique - "Look there she goes, that girl is strange but special." However, it has many pre-feminist qualities as well. And there's the whole comparison to Stockholm syndrome, haha. I love analysing movies! I did a paper at University that studied movies, racism and sexism and absolutely loved it. I wonder what the teacher would have thought of this movie... 

My right hand was a lot simpler - after spending two-three hours on the left hand I wasn't keen to spend twice that trying to make something look nice on the right! I went with just a starry night (that ended up looking a bit weird) and everyone's favourite, Chip!

My husband and I watched this movie last night, as after doing these nails he told me he had never seen it - I was shocked! I hadn't seen it for years and it was so cool seeing it again.

 The above photo isn't great quality, I'm afraid. I've been using my old camera a lot lately, for two reasons; one is that the battery died for my new one and I couldn't find my charger for ages, and two, that it's almost winter here and it's a lot harder to find good lighting. My old camera's good with bad lighting, but my new one makes everything grainy and gross :(.

Here are both the hands together!

And here's the picture I used as inspiration!

I hope you like these nails! Have you seen this movie? I hope so!


  1. Oh wow I love this nail art! *_*
    I did one on Beauty and the beast as well but it's nothing compared to yours.
    This movie is my second favorite Disney movie (first has to be Lion King) so I really enjoy seeing your nail art and read your interpretation/ thoughts on the movie. Hihi So, what did your hubby thinks of the movie? :D

    1. Thank you! Haha, my husband loves the Lion King too but I don't like it as much - it's too sad! No "goodies" are allowed to die in Disney movies! Chris liked Beauty and the Beast - he likes all Disney ones, which is awesome! Now to get him to like chick-flicks... hmmm :/.

  2. Te han quedado geniales!!

  3. Amazing! Well done! I love Chip! x

  4. wow, this is so well done, thumbs up, gotta love it :D

  5. You have so much patience!! Really really good. I want to enter your nail art competition (first time!) and am still working on my design. You are an inspiration!

    1. Sometimes I think I'm just a bit crazy, looking back at these kinds of designs! Haha. Thank you so much!

  6. I love cartoons and your manicure Beauty and the Beast is stunning! :-)


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