Colourful pastel tribal nail art

 I've done some new tribal nails! Or easter egg nails, whichever takes your fancy :D.

These were great nails. They didn't take too long to do, I did them the same on both hands with no worries and they looked awesome. Tribal nails have been, are and always will be one of my favourite designs! 

It is so cold here in New Zealand at the moment! We had a lovely dry summer (too dry for the poor farmers though) but now the rain and cold has set in. Not fair, winter doesn't even start until next month! My fingers are freezing, so I'm going to finish scheduling another couple of posts then it'll be time to have a nice warm shower and snuggle up in front of the fire - can't wait!

 If you're interested in seeing some of my other tribal nails you can see them here, here and here!


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