Tribal Flower nails that look like starfish...

I've done so much nail art on other people lately! I did these on my friend Lucy about a week ago. She's a uni friend and normally lives in a couple of hours away, so it was really cool that she came up for a visit! I ended up quite liking these nails, even if the flowers do look a bit like starfish :P.

I used OPI's Green-wich village as the base colour, and everything else (bar the silver) was in acrylic paint.

Normally floral manicures look quite girly, but I think these turned out quite tribal-looking! 

I'm house sitting for my Aunty at the moment, and it's wonderful! Her house is 89479374937 times nicer than mine and she has a cute little dog and cat to make it that little bit more interesting. My parents live just down the road too, and yesterday I went over there and made a pair of onesies! They were with the scraps of leftover material and look hilarious, but they're warm and unique :).

I'm going to be making a bunch of nail art tutorials soon! Probably some on YouTube, and some picture ones. I asked for ideas on Facebook - but I've just got to remember to do them! I'm shocking at that. I have so many ideas in my head already and sometimes requests can be forgotten!


  1. I love the little picture tutorials you sometimes do, more so than the video ones - nice and simple!
    Question about acrylic paints: is it really that simple? Do you just go out and buy some proper paints, or are there special nail ones? Can we use our nail brushes, or should we get normal art brushes?
    Thanks :)

    1. Yeah they're my most popular ones, those posts always get heaps of views! But I really want to do YouTube as well! Maybe I could make two tutorials for each design, one on YouTube and one with a picture! That way I could promote my YT on the pic.

      Acrylic paints really are that easy! It's best if you have thin paint already apparently. I don't, so I just mix water with the gloopy tube paint and it works fine. I'll get thinner paints at some point though, to save the time it takes to water it down. I use nail art brushes but often cut down them and normal brushes - so it doesn't matter!

  2. Its a beutiful nail art i love is so cute kiss


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