Teaching my friend nail art! Leopard print ☺

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I've been doing nail art for about a year now, and over that time many of my friends have become interested in this little hobby of mine. I love to paint their nails whenever I get the chance, but what I really want is someone else to get as into it as I am! I see Hannah from A Girl with some Clothes every week or two, but that's just for social things, not nail painting. Harriet from Nailhilism lives just 5-10 minutes walk away from me, but we still haven't had a proper nail art date! So, I'm busy trying to convert my friends that I see regularly into the wonderful religion of fancy nails.

Two of my uni friends have started doing it themselves! The following photos are of my friend Dale (whose nails have appeared quite a lot on my blog before) doing her own leopard print nails.
In case you're new to leopard print nails and want to know how to do them, here's a brief explanation:
1. Paint a base colour.
2. Make random dots with different colours.
3. Draw C's and curved lines around the dots.
I've also got a picture tutorial for leopard print nails, which you can find here. I also have heaps more nail art tutorials here!

Didn't she do well? I love them!

By the way, I finally decided to cut my nails, they were so horrendously long! I liked having bigger canvases, but my new short nails are so much more practical - typing, for example, is way easier! I'll post photos of my naked nails, both long and short some time soon.