Ginger tabby cat nails!

I painted these little cats on my friend's nails about a week ago. She has a cat just like them and we thought it'd be cool to have nails to match her furry friend!

I like doing these sorts of nails, as each one has personality. You can go through and choose your favourites - "oh, that one looks very friendly, but that one's in a bad mood!"

Just a short post today - I was meant to do it yesterday but ended up being very busy! I'm finding it a bit harder to type at the moment as my nails are very long - think it's time to finally cut them. I might try sneak in a couple more Disney themed ones first.

I hope you all like my cat nails! I have the most adorable (and stuck up) cat; he's fantastic. I love how much value animals can add to your life.

In case you were wondering, the blue background was a Sally Hansen complete manicure colour (sorry, not sure of the name as I'm not at home at the moment), Revlon's Colada Fizz was the top coat and the rest was done in acrylic paint.


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