Floral nail art - purple flowers!

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I did these flower nails about a week ago when I was on holiday - please ignore the cut on my middle finger! I had been doing a lot of gardening and the bushes attacked me :(. I can't believe my nails haven't broken yet, they've been so long for ages! And my nail polish has been staying on really well too - I've still got on the tribal diva nail art I did six days ago and there's not a chip in sight! I'll take them off tomorrow though.

I really like this design. I didn't get the shading and shadows quite right though... My excuse is I didn't do art for most of high school and never learnt how to paint shadows properly :P. I prefer to copy a picture for this sort of thing and I didn't have one with me this time - but I'm happy with it still! I'm really glad I added in the gold glitter too, it really finished the whole design.

I used acrylic paint for the flowers, Without a Stitch by Sally Hansen as the creamy base colour and Gold Drop Glitter by Tip Top for the glitter in the middle of the flowers. I'm loving acrylic paint more and more now - mostly because the designs seem to stay on so much longer!

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it, but I'm going to start to play around with acrylic nails too - I've got all the equipment now (I ♥ ebay) and once my nails break I'll try it out. I'll probably destroy my poor nails in the process! Better mine than someone else's though, I'd feel a bit bad if I ruined a friend's or client's nails.

Also - I'm afraid I'm going to have to start moderating my comments. I never wanted to do this, but it seems as though recently the spammers have found me - I've had heaps of comments that are leaving links to their websites or blogs, either trying to get followers or sell stuff! If you don't know why this is rude, see my "Share your blog" tab.

Hope everyone's having a good day! It's a freezing Saturday morning here in New Zealand - I miss summer!


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