Tree of Life Ombre nails - inspired by Robin Moses

I haven't been posting as often as I'd like to recently, as my internet has gone to dial up speed until our plan resets on the 14th. Four days! It's been like this for about 10 days so far and has been torture. I have heaps more designs ready to show you but it is honestly such a mission to post stuff. Especially on all the different media sites I'm connected with.

Alright, so these nails were inspired by a Robin Moses tutorial. I'm a little bit in love with her talent. She's freaking incredible. I'm going to get some proper, thin acrylic paint at some point, apparently it's a bit easier to use. I have heaps of acrylic paint for when I do "actual" painting, but it's all cheap thick stuff and not much good for nail art. Robin Moses calls these nails "tree of life ombre nails;" I call them beautiful. You can find her tutorial for them here, but I've also embedded the video a bit further down.

Aren't they the cutest? And surprisingly simple to do, just a few lines, dots and glitter polish. My nails have grown since I did these (about two weeks ago apparently!) which I'm happy about. I'm not fond of huge nails but I like a decent-sized canvas.

I used an insane amount of nail polish for this! I think about 15 + top and base coat. My nail art desk got very crowded.

Robin's trees looked much nicer, mine are all thick and bulky. But I'm not too bothered, I still really liked this manicure. Here's her tutorial!

And again, here are both hands! This pose is starting to become my signature one, I feel. I like showing both hands at once. I normally make it the first photo so it can be shown on my homepage but as the trees are upside down this way I decided the other was better.

It's back to hard-out job hunting this week, now that all the Marmite-craziness is over. I think I have post-fame blues, haha. I want every day to be like Wednesday! I haven't heard back from the graphic and web design people I visited a couple of weeks ago, but I sent off an email a few days ago to one of them. I might try get some experience at some of the local papers too. It'd be nice to have a bit of a portfolio going. I'm going to wander around town and pop in my CV to places that look like they'd be nice to work in. Anywhere but McDonalds! I've done my time there and it'd be so depressing to come back three years and one degree later with nothing to show for it. Here's hoping someone's hiring! 


  1. Actually, I think I like yours better! I like the more abstract look rather than the actual tree look. Do you use a tripod for both hands at once?

    1. Aw thanks! Nope, I get my husband to take the photo. He's getting very good at it!

  2. Very cute! I love your take on them.

  3. gorgeous manicure, well done :D


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