St. Patrick's day nail art - five different designs!

I have heaps of St. Patrick's day nails to show you! Last night was my friend's combined 21st/flatwarming/st paddy's day party, and I painted the nails of four of the girls plus me. The rules were that they had to have green in them!

Here are my friend's nails - she was dressed in the Irish flag too, so her nails matched her outfit very well! They aren't cleaned up very well - she had heaps to do that day so it was either make them perfect or decorate the house :P.

 I did clovers, stripes and green glitter on her flatmate's nails - in hindsight I really should have done four leaved clovers! 

On her friend I did something a lot less St. Patrick's day themed - pink roses! She wanted to be able to wear them for a few more days, so we went for something more normal (but still with green). I really like these!

On another friend I painted a design that she showed me from Pinterest. Sorry, I don't know who did this design originally so I can't credit them for the inspiration :(. I couldn't even do a google search-by-image as the photo had been part of a long line of photos put together, if that makes sense. 
They're a bit greener in real life - they look very blue here.

 After all that, I needed to do my own nails. I decided for a simple chevron french tip, green with glitter polish at the ends. I used a black liner polish to jazz it up a bit, and was glad I did!

It was a good night - what I can remember of it, anyway ;).


  1. Hi Jessie,
    This looks beautiful and gorgeous.


  2. All manicures are beautiful! :-) My favourite is your manicure and the manicure with roses! :-)

  3. Very gorgeous. One with clover is great. Glad you had a good night.

  4. Every design you do is so beautiful! Go NZ! May I ask what the green glitter polish in the 2nd and last photo was?

    1. Aw thanks! The green glitter was China Glaze's Running in circles :)

  5. These are all great! I love the clovers and the flowers a lot!


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