Little Monster's nail art tutorial!

I've noticed that for the last few months One Nail To Rule Them All has been doing "then and now" posts - and it's fascinated me! I've loved seeing the drastic improvements in skill and decided it was time to try it myself. 
I also finally did another picture tutorial! I didn't do the written steps that I've had in all of my previous ones as I felt it wasn't really necessary, plus it filled in space that I could be using to teach people to credit correctly! (My favourite thing to do!).

Now for the comparison!
Here's the old picture...

...and here's the new! Okay, you've already seen it in the tutorial, but let me enjoy the moment.

The funny thing is, what I liked so much about One Nail to Rule them all's posts are that she redoes the design exactly. But I didn't do that. It's the same theme and all, but they're multi coloured and the girls are on different fingers. Ah well. 
It's a family by the way, this is important! The mum's pink, dad's the blue one, the yellow one is the teenage hippy son (he's not hitler, I swear! Friggin' dodgy moustache...), teenage daughter is purple and the green guy is the baby of the family. Yes, I got kind of attached to these nails. I normally never do! I think it's because there are faces - probably some deep psychological meaning behind that...

I'm not sure if these nails were first painted on me or my sister. It was back in May last year and I can't remember, but my best guess is that it was me painting them on her nails. It actually probably says in the original post... oh yes, I was correct :).

My friend pointed out that they look like Plankton from Spongebob Squarepants! So I have Planktons on my nails!

 Hope you like this tutorial and the "then and now" theme!


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