BPS colour-changing nail polish review

Today I have another review for Born Pretty Store - Color changing nail polish! This is actually super cool. Of course, it has it's problems as well but I think the fact that it changes colour so dramatically makes it  worth the $7.84 (free shipping!).

The name Born Pretty Store has given it is New Magic Red/Pink Color Changing Mood Nail Polish Nail Art #6 so I thought it would change from red to pink. It turns out it's actually more of a dark pink to light pink - but it's a dramatic difference that had me audibly saying "wow!" 

When I first applied this polish it was the medium-dark pink colour you see in the above picture - but it would probably vary according to the temperature. It's just turned Autumn here in New Zealand (although we're in a drought so it's still warm) and is around 25-28 degrees Celsius most days.
Cold water makes it go a little darker (but not red) and hot water turns it a cute baby pink! When I realised this I just had to show my husband and flatmate and for the next five minutes two twenty-something males were oohing and aahing over nail polish :P.

Here's another photo to show the difference. Pretty cool eh? There are many more colours too, which you can find here.

Now, the downsides. You need many layers. Three if you're not fussy, but to get complete, opaque coverage you need four plus. It's quite thick and not terribly consistent; it wasn't the best to work with. It does handle top coats without affecting the colour change, but by the time you've put on your base coat, four layers of polish and a top coat it's incredibly thick and likely to peel. Which it did. I ended up taking it off the same day as I put it on because they were peeling around the edges quite badly.

All things considered, I still like it. I'll probably try another one of these polishes, just to see if the experience was different second time around (plus there are some awesome other colours!). They're just a little bit special - not every polish changes colour! I imagine if you used a normal light pink or white base colour you could get away with only two coats of this polish which would save all the peeling problems.

If you want to purchase this or any other colour changing polish from Born Pretty Store you can do so here. Don't forget to put in CEL91 when you're checking out to get 10% off!

New Magic Red/Pink Color Changing Mood Nail Polish Nail Art #6

Also; to those following my I'm-so-poor-I-need-a-job story - I have an interview! For a full time job! Doing something I'd enjoy! Finger's crossed!

*This product was provided to me for honest review by Born Pretty Store.*


  1. Wow, that is pretty cool, I don't have any colour changing polishes, I might have to give them a try!

  2. And what if you try a gradient with two or more of that special nail polish!? Hahaha seems to be a crazy mess but i guess it would be fun at the same time!! :)

    Hugs :)!

    1. Oh, could work! I've seen pictures where it looks like a gradient because they've dipped the tips in hot water :)


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