Valentines day nail art ideas + Born Pretty Store review

I've been so slow doing my latest Born Pretty Store review, but there's a reason - this! 
I ordered some nail wheels (BPS calls them 10 pcs Clear False Nail tips Art Display Practice Wheeland thought it'd be great to display heaps of ideas for Valentines Day nail art on it. I did one design on it weeks ago, but it's just been sitting around looking lonely until today, when I came home from a long day and did the rest of them.

Just a warning to any other bloggers thinking of getting this for review from Born Pretty - they only send you three, not the ten they state on the site. I was pretty annoyed about this to be honest, as no one told me that the sample size was three until after it arrived and I had inquired about it. Just something to bear in mind. They'll still send you all ten if you actually buy it off them, I only got three as I was doing a review on them.

Here are all the different nail art designs I did on them, and a little description so a) you don't get lost and b) google stops ignoring me :P.

  • Scribbled love - Black and white hearts on a red background.
  • Pink tips - Curved lines in various shades of pink as a french tip.
  • Anti-Valentines Day nails - Black nails with a crossed out heart!
  • Hearts and dots - Red and pink with a white background.
  • Cupcake nails - Pink themed! These are so cute. I'm always in love with cupcake nail art.
  • Studded hearts - Silver hearts over a pink base.
  • Written Romance - Hearts and various loved-up words.
  • Green hearts - Light green background with hearts of different coloured greens.
  • Ikat hearts - I've never really done Ikat before but I kind of tried with this. Green, yellow and white.

  • Heart on a string - Blue sky with a heart balloon.
  • Simple scribbled love - I just liked using that nail art pen :). Little white hearts over a teal base.
  • Christmas love affair - I was challenging myself with unusual colours but this green was a bit too un-Valentines Dayish so I just stuck some black hearts on it.
  • Candy Floss gradient - Medium to light pink.
  • Stream-lined love - LOVE written vertically down the nail with yellow and white, plus lines and a purple base colour.
  • Turquoise vines - Love these, did them really easily with a nail art pen.
  • Valentines lines - pink and white vertical striped mani.
  • Leopard print love - Leopard print in the shape of hearts
  • XOXO - Yellow base with white and red Xs and Os.
  • Kiss me - Pink and red kisses, inspired by cutepolish.
  • White picket fence - I did these on all of my nails a while ago - blue sky, white picket fence and a vine with roses growing all over it. The most detailed of the lot.

Here's what I thought of these nail wheels.

  • You can paint nails for hours but not have the annoyance of having wet nails! I honestly just loved this.
  • Large nails - plenty of room to display the pattern, although this could be a bad thing too, as most people don't have nails this long.
  • Great for displaying swatches.
  • Great for displaying nail art - I'm going to stick mine up on my nail art room wall probably, so if I ever start having regular customers they can easily choose a design without going through all of my facebook/blog photos.
  • Nail polish remover (acetone based) does something weird to the plastic. I tried cleaning off a bit of mess that I made in the centre and it dissolved the top layer and made it all bumpy. I assume the nails themselves are the same, meaning it's a one-use only kind of thing, unless you paint over the old swatch instead of removing the polish. You can see this in the picture below.
  • The nails are a little too close together for my liking. As I said, I'll definitely paint more of these up but it's more difficult that my own nails as you have to be careful not to bump a neighbouring nail.

They're cheap though - $6.15 US + free shipping for 10 of them. Can't really go wrong with that. And with my discount code for Born Pretty Store (CEL91) they'll be a little cheaper!

Thought I'd just add this in at the end - I painted my friend Dale's nails a few days ago so I could practice water-marbling! I did cupcakes on the other hand, and even though they didn't match she loved them! She's awesome, asked all these questions about my nail art and was genuinely interested. Happy face :).

What's your favourite design off my Valentines Day nail art wheel?

10 pcs Clear False Nail tips Art Display Practice Wheel

*This product was provided to me for honest review by Born Pretty Store.*


  1. Love the Scribbled love and cupcake nail!

  2. What a gorgeous wheel! You are so talented.

    For what it's worth, I had some of these that I got Candygirl to get for me. They were great but I ended up getting annoyed about not being able to keep colours together as I got more of them.

    I've replaced them with swatch sticks I got off Ebay for about $15 NZD for 250 of them, with free shipping. Add about $10 for some nice binder ring things from Warehouse Stationary and they're just what I wanted!

    1. Oooh thanks Harriet! Think I'll have to check that out, I want some of those for swatching for sure!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing !
    This can be inspiration for my val's day nail art.. I really want to change my nail art for valentine day but I still can't find the right one..
    I will combine few of theme.. Hope I can make it as good as yours ^^

    Join my International Valentine Giveaway♥

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you like them. I don't think I'll have Valentines nails on the actual day lol, bit silly.

  4. I love the turquoise vines! I may have to give that one a go I think, as it's just s cute, and it could be perfect all year around as it's not obviously a valentines design.

    1. Yeah I really liked that one too, I want to do it with white over a peachy colour :) Thanks!

  5. very cute! i'm a new follower, would love if you would follow me back on my blog! : )

  6. super cute!
    can you tell me what nail art pens you used? I had a look through your blog but couldn't see any earlier mention of them or reviews.
    are they from Born Pretty Store? I'd be interested to hear more about them!

    also, I love your new banner by the way!

    1. One was a Sally Hansen one and another a glam nails one. This was the first time the Sally Hansen one actually worked! I think the polish inside it had thickened up a bit. And thanks!!

  7. Love the designs on the wheel but the cupcakes nail art looks actually better on your real nails!

  8. These are so cool Jessie! I think my favourite is Scribbled Love :)


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