Skittles nail art for Sincerely Stephanie's contest!

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I found this Skittles nail art competition by Sincerely Stephanie the other day, and finally did the nails for it! They're a bit random and don't match at all - but hey, they're cute and fun and I like them :). They took a surprisingly long time though! Normally it only takes an hour or so to do any one of these designs, but as I had to keep changing colours and cleaning the brushes it took agggges. Possibly 2-3 hours? Not that spending ages painting your nails is a bad thing, haha, but as these designs aren't terribly complicated I was a bit surprised.

Some of my favourite designs are in there - leopard print, monarch butterfly and chucks. My favourite nail is probably the monarch - I like how it's slightly holographic. I sponged a tiny bit of  OPI's Just Spotted the Lizard over top of the orange and I really like how it turned out. Also, me and Hannah from A Girl with some Clothes swapped polishes lately and I now have a seche vite top coat! Omg, it's the best top coat I've ever had by far! It hasn't smeared/smudged a single design so far - which is AMAZING. 

I can't remember all of the nail polishes I used (I'm terrible at listing them!) but most were OPI or China Glaze. Some of the detail was done with Jordana pop art and Art Deco nail art polishes.

I finished my last university paper ever! I'm freeeee! Provided I pass :). I've mucked around all day today, it's been amazing.


  1. Is it bad that even though they don't match I totally love them and would rock them all day every day? haha. Amazing! :)

    1. Haha thanks, they're pretty happy-looking so I was quite happy to wear them for a couple of days!

  2. Congrats on your win! These are amazing!


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