Pink-to-purple gradient nails with diamantes!

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I realised today that I've only updated my blog four times so far this month, and seeing it's the tenth this is pretty lousy! I've just been so busy with moving, studying, job hunting and gardening. Oh, and healthy eating, me and Chris have been using My Fitness Pal to track our food intake and so far it's been really good. Also it's been really hot, which makes me want to go outside, not stay in and paint my nails. 

Enough excuses. I took a break from study to hunt through my photos to see if there was anything I hadn't posted yet. Yay, there was - and they were even already watermarked! While I haven't been doing my own nails as regularly lately, I've been painting others - my friend's mum (first customer!) and a couple of friends.

So here are Nicole's nails!

... and my cat. He's super cute. This design was totally random and didn't have any real planning, from what I remember. Still, I liked the way it turned out! Unfortunately the diamantes left little pink stains where they were on the nail, but they should fade pretty quickly. I'll have to check with her when I see her next. My staining has gone right down lately too - finally found a good preventative base coat! I'll do another post about that soon. ish.

I think that if I go hard and try make a business out of my nail art, I'd make a cheaper option of letting me do whatever I want on clients nails. I love having no guidelines to abide by, and when it's for free or cheaper there isn't as much pressure to have it perfect each time. You can just experiment.

I'm still looking for a job though and if I get one, nail business stuff will be on hold. I may do a nail tech course at some point, maybe not. I've got a couple of years before I can qualify for student allowance on my own income (not my parents) which is when I'll study again - so plenty of time to decide!

I'm meant to have done Chinese New Year nails already - I've gotten as far as painting my nails red! But I haven't had a chance to do anything other than that. Hopefully I'll do them tonight and have them up before Chinese New Years is actually over - New Zealand being first to see the sun works to my advantage here! I don't know much about it, to be honest, so the request for these is a good excuse to learn something new. 

Also, my page views have halved in the last two weeks! I was getting 1000+ a day, now I'm averaging at around 600, which is a bit frustrating as it's still a downward trend. I noticed I'm getting far less Google hits - I assume Google must have done it's refresh/reshuffle thing and I'm lower down on popular searches than I used to be. Ah well, I'm still happy with how my wee blog is going. And I'd totally still paint my nails even if no one saw them!!
Anyone else had their page views change rapidly recently?

Oh dear, I just read this through and I sound very dull and full of excuses in this post! Must be the exam tomorrow. Life is actually really good!


  1. love your cat... black and white cats are the best! Hope your stats don't discourage you from blogging.. I know it can be frustrating sometimes. Most of the time I feel like I'm talking to myself :P I don't know about Google, but I know Facebook's stupid changes have killed my stats. I can't even imagine getting 600 hits a day, let alone 1000.. wow! good luck with your exam, and gotta say I do love this manicure. I really love pink and purple together, great combo. The rhinestones are a nice touch.

    1. They are! So cute :). I'll definitely keep blogging, but as you say, it feels like you're talking to yourself half the time! I've kept diaries for 10 years straight now though, so I'm used to it in a way at least. I only got 400 hits yesterday - it's the general pattern I'm a bit worried about more than the numbers :/. Ahh well, just a blog. Thanks!

  2. Ooh, it's interesting that you noticed a drop too! I get nowhere near that amount of hits, but I've definitely noticed mine dropping a lot, and now you mention it, it's the google hits that have really dropped. I've noticed my comments dropping a lot too, but that could well be to do with my quality of writing, ha!

    ANYWAY, love your cat and your nails! :)

    1. It's strange, eh? Oh well, I'll take it as a challenge - bring it, google! I'm sure it's nothing to do with your writing :) And thanks!


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