Jungle tribal print nail art

These nails were a happy accident. I had painted my nails with OPI's Greenwich village and decided later in the day that they looked a little lonely, and decided to give them some love. However, I had nooo idea what I wanted to paint on them! I thought about doing a grass pattern, which led to me getting out a bunch of green Art Deco striper polishes. Then I decided that it would look dumb, so I stared at my nails for a while, completely unsure of what to do. This was confusing for me! I rarely have this happen, normally I have plenty of ideas! I guess the challenge of having a green base colour meant my options were limited.

Anyway, I ended up with this.

Blurry photo, oops :(

I kind of pretty much actually totally love it. I just kept adding random details under suddenly it looked like tribal nails, but a bit different too, kind of a jungle or rainforest look. And they were really easy, no tricky straight lines or whatever. If this proves popular I might do a video tutorial for it, but possibly in shades of pink and purple.

Here's a swatch of OPI's Greenwich Village. I think this polish is so beautiful! I was tossing up between wearing this and another new OPI I bought and was reading reviews online. I ended up getting quite annoyed because a lot of people were giving the polish a 2 or 3 star review purely because the colour didn't suit them! In my opinion, you're judging the polish (consistency, opacity, ease of use etc), not how it looks on YOU. There are so many different colour skin tones out there, they can't make it look perfect on everyone!

Here are the other polishes I used for this manicure. I'm going to ignore the ones of the sides as they're cheap unbranded $2 shop ones. The Art Deco ones are (from left to right) Quirky Turquoise, Bright Green, Mint Green and Limon.

 I'm still having issues taking photos with my new lightbox with a black backdrop. I think I'll actually have to switch back to a white one. They all end up blurry or grainy, and adjusting lighting and ISO just isn't working for me! 

I did this nail design just by making random swirly patterns with the colours shown above and adding in the brown and white dots afterwards. Simple but awesome! Definitely trying these again in different colours.

Hope you like them!


  1. This looks so interesting and original! awesome job you did here ;))

  2. These are insane! I love them!

    1. Thanks! I was very happy with how they turned out :)

  3. Greenwich Village is beautiful! I like very much your final jungle tribal manicure, fantastic effect! :-)

  4. Omg, they look so artistic and complicated! I envy your skills :P

    1. They're actually one of the easiest designs I've ever done! That's why I love them - easy but look complicated haha. Thanks!

  5. OMG, I love your nail designs. I will follow your blog for sure. Please if you are in the mood, I invite you to visit my blog too. Kisses and thanks in advance.


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