Valentines day nails + Born Pretty Store liner polish review.

I received another couple of items to review recently from Born Pretty Store, here's a review of one of them! I ordered a two sided liner/dotting polish, which you can find here. They're pretty cheap, only $3.96 US, and like the rest of BPS, it has free shipping. Here are the nails I used the brush for! I love them, they're great Valentines Day nails :).

Here's the liner polish. They also have many different colours!
I have kind of mixed feelings about this, to be honest. The best way to describe it is you get what you pay for. It's worth the four dollars, but not ten. It won't revolutionize my nail art, but it'd be great for someone just starting out with a small liner brush.

Here's the liner brush part of it. As you can see in the photo above, it has two ends - this is where I got confused! In the listing for it is says "one end with a ball and another end with a brush." But it doesn't, it has both at the same end, which means that you can't actually use the dotting part as the liner part is blocking the nail polish off! I couldn't, at least. I looked around for other reviews and some say they used it, some had the same problem as me. So if anyone knows how to make it work, let me know and I'll update this!

Liner brush
Dotting tool part - note the liner brush screws out from where
my watermark is, meaning you can't use the dotting tool.
How they all connect.
I guess technically you could use the dotting part, if you dipped the end in polish first. But I think that's unlikely, and why would it say doubled ended on the site otherwise? This really does confuse me...

Anyway, if I was just reviewing the liner brush side of it I'd say it was pretty good. I trimmed the end slightly as it was a bit uneven, but that's just my preference. It is lovely and thin, meaning I could do these nails quite easily. The thing I love most about liner brushes is that you don't need to wash them out afterwards! I'm so lazy and hate cleaning my nail art brushes :P. 

I used this brush to outline my fence posts for this Valentines day nails. Does this still count as a white picket fence, do you think? Or does it also need the little triangle on top? I think it counts. I added vines and red roses on to the the fence to make it more romantic. I've wanted to do this nail art for ages now, but was too afraid to try it as it's so detailed! However it worked out pretty well, and I must say that this liner pen did help :).

Again, you can buy it here.
It's full name on the site is "New 2 way Black Dotting Pen Nail Art Polish Ball & Brush."
To get 10% off, put in my Born Pretty Store discount code CEL91 when you purchase something :).

New 2 way Black Dotting Pen Nail Art Polish Ball & Brush
*This product was provided to me for honest review by Born Pretty Store.*


  1. this is very odd, I can use the dotting dool on this no problem! x

    1. Strange, does it look exactly the same as my one?

  2. Cute! And I've been lemming heaps from the BPS, what's the shipping like to NZ? I'm moving back to NZ from Sydney in 3 weeks and I'm dreading the awesome (crap) shipping times we have!

    1. Yeah it's pretty bad, can take up to a month but normally about two weeks. Which is bearable, I guess. Awesome that you're coming back to New Zealand :)

    2. Well you are terrible enabler I just spent $70 at BPS, thank god for your discount code haha. Now I can't wait for my goodies. :D

    3. Hehe oh no!! That sounds like it'll be an amazing package though! :)

  3. Cute mani for Valentine's Day!!

  4. I have a liner polish like that, I find that I have to squeeze the bottle to get polish to come out of the nib, I find it too awkward too use because of that though. Maybe this one works the same? Hopefully this will be of some use to you. Loving the picket fence nail art very cute =]

    1. I tried squeezing it, maybe I should try harder? Maybe there's a little hole in the middle of the cap and it somehow gets through. Worth a try! Thanks!


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