Striped fan brush nail art + Sunburn!

Bit of a late post for me, it's 11.30pm! But it's a Saturday night and... oh man, now I feel like I should be out partying. We're having our flat-warming next weekend, so that'll make me feel like the 22 year old I am.

I've seen a few manicures done with the fan brush that comes in the nail art brush kit that everyone has. I've never used my ones before this, but I think I'll have to do them more often! It didn't turn out perfect by any means but I like them! Not a look you can achieve any other way, really.

I had to re-do the index and middle fingers, as I tried adding in another colour but it just over-did it. Thinking about it, I did these ages ago!! New years! Wow. Here's the other hand of my sister's nails from Christmas time, while I'm at it. Rudolph nails! Oh so cute.

These were done with my sister's polishes so I don't know the colours exactly, but I know that the white was a CR, the pink a Ulta3 and the purple a Mode polish.

I think I'll be posting quite regularly again now. I've been moving and doing a lot of gardening lately, and ended up really really burnt today. Silly me. I have super pale skin and burn easily, but always feel bullet-proof until I look like this!

*Gasp* no watermark! Haha. But seriously, I'm terrible. As you can see, I'm pale AND have moles/freckles everywhere. My Aunty had skin cancer and my dad had melanoma  but they're both okay now. I WILL wear sunblock from now on!


  1. Those nails look cool! I especially like how the ring finger turned out!

    1. Thank you! Yeah I liked that one best probably.

  2. Your nails are such great works of art! Wow, you have a lot of patience.

    Sorry about your sunburn--you never realize it until it's too late :)

    I also added your blog to my list of 'NZ shiny objects' on my blog about my move to New Zealand

    1. Thank you! Yeah, sunburn's finally fading thanks goodness! Awesome thanks, I'll add you to my blog roll - I love your blog!


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