Nude & Black Houndstooth stamping with BM-322

A few weeks ago, my friend posted something from a blog called Eat the Damn Cake on Facebook. I clicked on the link, and wow, this blog is so cool. Kate is smart, entertaining, though provoking, self-depreciating (in a hilarious way) and oh-so relatable. I was reading a recent post just before writing this and simply had to mention it! 

I'd love to make a blog like hers. Sometimes I feel a bit silly, blogging about my nails of all things. A year ago I didn't even know what nail art was! And I really do think/learn about many things other than nail polish. For example, I love gardening. I just moved house and I've spend many hours in the garden since, slowly bringing it to life after having a rough few years with other tenants.

I'm also very opinionated about some things. Quietly opinionated, though, as I know everyone has their own beliefs and ways of doing things and I don't want to shut them down or make them defensive. But still, media, religion, relationships, friendships, gay marriage, war, racism, women's right and women's health are all things I have quite strong opinions about. Maybe I'll post about them at some point. 

NPR ramble OVER! On to the nails! I love houndstooth patterns, but that name still weirds me out. I haven't gotten around to googling it yet. I used the stamping plate BM-322 and Born Pretty Store stamping polishes. I still don't have any konad stuff besides the stamper but am DYING to try it! Why is everything so damn expensive here in New Zealand?

I used my Jordana striping polish (Black Mark) for the lines. I need to add that I did this mani very quickly before a party, and it's far from perfect. I just wanted something to match my dress, although I think it didn't end up matching very well anyway.

I can't remember what nude colour I used, and my beautiful new polish room is way too far away right now (I need to save up for a laptop I can keep in there!) but I know it was an OPI.

Hope everyone's having a good day! I am - I got 200 page views in one hour earlier today! Not going to catch me complaining about that :P. Plus there's the whole new house, last assignment in, gardening frenzy fun happening. Life is good, and I intend to appreciate it while it lasts :).


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