My Christmas haul!

I was sooo spoilt this Christmas. Actually, I am every Christmas - not gonna lie my family is pretty awesome at gifts. And nail polish is a cheap one! Turns out $5 here and there = a lot of Christmas polishes! 

The grand total was 22 new nail polishes! 10 of them were cheap Ultra3s, but I was still super stoked to get those as I only had one before and really liked it. Here they all are, and hopefully one day I will have reviewed them all on my swatches page!

From left to right...

OPI - Moonraker
Revlon - Super Nature 
China Glaze - Platinum Silver
Ultra3 - Calypso Holiday
OPI - Pink Shatter

China Glaze - Watermelon Rind
China Glaze - Harvest Moon
OPI - The living daylights
Ultra3 - Acapulco bliss
OPI - Dutch 'ya just love OPI?

Revlon - Cloud
Revlon - Temptress 
Essie - Rock Solid (nail strengthener)
Ultra3 - Exotic Canary
Ultra3 - Pacific Splash

Ultra3 - Coral Reef
Ultra3 - Flirty Bikini
Ultra3 - Tangerine tango
Ultra3 - Peach Paradise
Ultra3 - Pink Hibiscus

OPI - Tomorrow Never Dies
Ultra3 - Sea Breeze swirl
OPI - On her Majesty's secret service

Annd here are some Christmas nails I painted on my sister a few days before Christmas. The roses are going to be in another post, so ignore them.

As you can see, they're Christmas lights nails! I love em. They were inspired by the Nailasaurus' design, if I remember correctly.

I found this handy little box in my old room that is perfect for transporting nail polish - isn't it awesome?


  1. What a great Christmas haul! I love Ulta3 polishes - I have wayyyy too many as it is :D I hope you had a wonderful xmas & are feeling loads better too!

    1. I know right? I love them now too, tried a few out today and they were great! Hope you did too :) Feeling a bit better, hard to know yet really.

  2. ahhh jealous! most of my Christmas haul is still in the mail.....hurrryyyyyyyy!

    1. That's frustrating! I only have one thing coming in the mail now, yay!

  3. oh man, i cant wait till you review those ulta3 nail polishes! we have some at work and its so hard not to buy all the colours :P

    1. I have sooo many polishes I need to add to my swatches page :o. That would be really hard not to buy them!

  4. I love this blogspot. You have sooo many good ideas. You're the best

  5. Lucky you! Good array of colors and finishes. I was so disappointing last month when I finally got to go to my first ever ULTA store...I expected to find tons and tons of polishes - they had next to nothing even in their own brand. I asked if they had recently had a sale on polish - nope I was told..hopefully this was just a bad was dirty, stock was messed up and tossed all over the store out of it's niche area, nothing was priced or with signs that said the price other than some few items. I got 2 polishes - one from Layla and one from POP. Love the little box..I am going to be gone for 6 weeks for surgery and chemo following that and was thinking I wanted to take a # of polishes with me (some of those way too many untrieds I have) but was thinking do I put them in a big zip lock baggie or what?

    1. That's annoying! What a pain! Here in NZ polish is normally stocked well - but it's ridiculously overpriced, so I almost always buy mine online! Oh man, surgery and chemo? That doesn't sound like fun at all! I had minor surgery a while ago and missed my nail polish in hospital, you should definitely take some with you! Maybe in an ice cream container?

  6. Great haul.... I didn't get any polish for Xmas. ;(

  7. Omg u got such great colors! I also keep my nail polish in a box like urs.... Cute lights nails!
    Follow me?
    -Jen <3


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