Saturday, 29 September 2012

BM-221 - flower stamping

Okay, finally managed to get some half-decent photos of these. Colours are still a little funny but pretty close.

I really love stamping with my bundle monster plates at the moment! I have kind of love-hate relationship with them, as not all my nail polish is opaque to work properly, plus the bundle monster patterns are quite small. I find it really hard to make my thumb look good, because I have to double-stamp it in order to get the nail completely covered.
But these worked!

I used:
Jordana: Lavender Fields
China Glaze - Purr-fect Plum
China Glaze - Blonde Bombshell
Revlon - Golden Charm

That little list took ages to make - all my nail polish is packed away in the car ready to go away for a few days, so I didn't know what colours I used! I had to scour through my old posts to get the exact names, lol. 
I love labels.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Mermaid nails (kind of) + more fish tail braids

Eurgh. I hate the lighting in my house at night-time. Everything is yellow and even my white light I bought doesn't help with the colours. Grrr... I really need to make a light box! 
I wanted to post a picture of my nails I just did with a stamping plate, but it just isn't happening for me! 
I'm going to try again tomorrow when it's light.

So instead, here are some nails I did with my sister last night. I did the fish tail/braid design that I did in my last post - but I did hers much rougher. She's talented at bumping into something and destroying an intricate pattern, so I figured it wouldn't make sense to spend an hour on it :). 
On me I did a random dotty design just using the brushes that came with the nail polish. I'm calling them mermaid nails because I think I've seen some like this before called that, plus I think the colours work as a pretty mermaid tail.

So, my sister's fish tail nails, using some random pretty polishes she has.

As I said, they're kind of rough but still pretty. The colours are great for a pre-teen I think!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

My first Fish tail (braided) nails

I don't like how these nails are called 'fish tails'. I guess that's just the name of the basic plait, but it's so yuck-sounding! I prefer braided or plaited - easily recognisable and sound fine. 
This is such a beautiful pattern! I've seen them around for awhile but thought they looked quite complicated so decided to wait to try them. But they're actually okay! You don't even need any special brushes or anything, it's great!

I found this tutorial for it on youtube, which was very helpful because at first I kept getting confused about which side to paint next. It turns out it's just like doing a plait in real life!

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Nail Narcotics giveaway challenge - McDonalds nails + Vampire Nail art!

Both of these nails aren't the kind I'd be too keen to wear every day, but I still think are pretty fun.
I had a ball last night that was themed "things that come out at night," and I went as a vampire. So, I painted my nails with bloody drips and bats!
One of my 'followers' had the idea of using stamping on my nails for this themes, which I thought was a great idea! But I also wanted to free-hand some drips, so I went for both in the end.

The base colour is Jordana - Beige Frost. I don't even know if they sell that colour any more, the bottle looks about 10 years old! Polish is still fine though, of course (I ♥ Jordana!). I then stamped a bunch of bats from BM-213 all over my thumb and ring finger. It looked a bit plain like that though, and the black wasn't very dark so I painted over a coat of "Luxe and Lush" by China Glaze.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Pink flower vine nails + how should I do vampire nails??

I decided I wanted something cute and girly on my nails today, and this is what I ended up doing. 

I got the design idea from a post on my wall that I had previously forgotten about, until someone new commented! I think it's really sweet :)

Thursday, 20 September 2012

RAWR! 'Family of monsters' nail art!

This was kind of celebratory nail art - I had my speech today and I didn't die! Or faint, or vomit, or anything else nasty like that. So yay. I decided I deserved a few hours without my most hated thing (study) and with my two favourite things (Chris & nail stuff). And wow, I needed hours. I Think this took somewhere between 2 1/2- 3 hours. I'm happy with the results, although the brown's a little dark!

Aren't they cute? I mean, terrifyingly scary. As I said in the title, they're a family. I doodled the idea for them in my book during uni today. From left to right, there's Dad, Mum, Teenage brother (just because I drew him a bit big to be a kid!), little brother and you'll see little sister in a few photos time.

But before I continue... LOOK WHAT I GOT! Four beautiful new OPI nail polishes! Swatches will be up in the next week or so. I'm stoked, because OPI nail polish from Farmers is $26.90 or something ridiculous like that. But I got the four of these for $30, including postage off trademe (our ebay)!! The best part was that they posted them amazingly quickly; I bought them yesterday and they arrived at 9am this morning. Happy, happy customer right here!

I actually did a tutorial for these - so keep reading!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

OPI Play the Peonies, Revlon Powder Puff, Avon Romance AND BM-223 & BM- 201!

I've been super busy/stressed lately and haven't done anything super exciting, so I'm making up for it with some pretty swatches and a couple of really nice BM plates.

I'll start off with Avon - Romance. This is my sisters, and I think it is the most beautiful colour! It's got quite a metallic look to it, and it really glows in the sunshine. As you can see, it's a very light, silvery pink with plenty of shimmer. There were a few problems with it though - although don't take anything I say about this one too seriously as I have no idea how old the nail polish is!

The most frustrating one for me was that it took ages to dry. I actually reapplied it after being out for the day just to take these photos, because it got pretty messy! Related to this is the problem that it took several coats to be completely opaque. I think at least three in the end - sorry I'm not 100% sure... I've swatched three very similar colours in the last few days!

Monday, 17 September 2012

Loving the flowers right now...

I forgot how much I enjoyed painting flowers on my nails, so I went for the same theme again today! These are a lot simpler than my anemones, but I think they're quite cute. 

The background colour is one my sister left behind when she came for a visit yesterday. She was picking up a polish that she had lent me ages ago, and while she got that back she forgot about the three that I had taken out to look at. Oops... but isn't it such a gorgeous, subtle colour!

These were easy and quick to paint - I think they took about half an hour all up, maybe less. The only real problem I had was my striper polish getting a bit stringy and leaving little lines in places - time to add some thinner, I think!

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Flowers everywhere!

Today my hubby brought me home flowers from work, and I just loved the colours! 
So, now they're on my nails. My camera didn't pick up the pink very well - it looks purple in the photo which is a bit annoying.
Oh, and YAY! 5000 views today! And half of those just in the last month! That facebook page that stole my photo really helped me out in the end!

I took a heap of photos of these, as a) I really like them and b) I kept trying different locations to get the pink to show up properly. To no avail, sadly.

So I have heaps of different photos and I'll try describe how I did it.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Modern/Circuit board nail art

Just a quick post today, as I'm off to bed soon after a few hours helping my Granddad unpack at his new house. Totally ruined one of my nails while doing so, opened a weird cabinet and jammed my finger... owwww! My finger still hurts 5 hours later.

My new nail art brushes from Born Pretty Store arrived today :) So far I love them - they seem a lot better quality than my old striper brushes, but I guess I'll see over time if they really are. Cheap either way, so can't lose.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

More stamping and a purple gradient!

EVERY TIME I've almost caught up with posting all my nail photos, I feel the need to paint my nails again! Those rainbow ones stayed on for three days - this is a pretty big accomplishment for those of us in the nail art world. Today I'm posting some nails I did last weekend AND a gradient I just did. Both are pretty cool, I'm-a thinking.

My nails are getting mega-long. Starting to freak me out a little, but they're so easy to paint... maybe I'll just file them down a bit next time I remove my polish. Which, by the way, I hate doing. I wish they could just clean themselves! 
Anyway, here we go...

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Rainbow nails and a hot pink cat!

Here are two of my recent designs, both that I really like - but naturally don't match ANYTHING!

These rainbow ones are the same design as this striped gradient manicure that I did last month. I like these colours better though - so bright and happy! I actually had this great plan to sponge on a rainbow gradient... but after the second 'sponge' it all turned brown. Very anti-climatic! Other people have managed to do it though, so maybe I just need practice. 

These nails started out with me wanting to finally do a swatch of this crazily awesome hot/fluro pink polish I got a while ago. Unfortunately... I completely forgot to take a photo of just the polish. So maybe another day for that. I used a whole lots of different techniques for this one, I'll explain them below.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Yellow leopard print - with glitter!

My mum bought me this cute yellow glitter from a dollar store - and it's amazing! It's Jordana's "Yellow Dazzle" and I just love it. It's surprising opaque - this was just two coats, maybe three (I can't remember, to be honest. But it wasn't a traumatic experience, promise). I hadn't done a leopard print in awhile, and while pretty much EVERYONE does this design it's still one of my favourites.

It was quite a quick manicure too - I must have improved since last time, as it only took about half an hour all up. If you want to check out my old ones click HERE.

After the Jordana yellow, I randomly dotted on a light yellow MIKI polish. Then I used a black striper polish (also by my new favourite, Jordana) to paint on the leopard print detail, which is actually pretty easy and quite forgiving to do.

Here are some more photos!

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Green with Envy review + polka dot nail art!

I went into one of my favourite shops yesterday to find that they had 'buy one, get one free' on all Orly products! As I didn't have any Orly polishes yet I jumped at the chance, and bought myself Green with Envy and some nail polish thinner - finally! Here's a photo of how my nails ended up, and one of just the plain polish.

I've been wanting an Orly polish for a long time - mostly because they're so huge! 18ml! 
So, being a good brand and quite expensive, I expected to love my new polish just as much as I loved my first OPI. Wrong.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Red and black Gingham nails

These are some nails I painted while I was away on holiday last week. I'd actually been meaning to do them for ages but another design always ended up taking it's place!

I got the idea for the pattern off my onesies - all-in-one pyjamas. My mum made them for me and they're so warm! I wanted to experiment first, to make sure I chose the right colours (I HATE re-doing the same nails), so I did this in my little nail art book. Pretty, huh? :P
It was the different blacks that I was trying out, and I ended up going with the first one, a black MIKI polish - that is now at that horrible stage where you can't reach the bottom third. So I'm not going to buy MIKI polish any more (well, probably) - they're so small and it doesn't take long to reach this point! So dumb, all nail polish companies should make longer brushes!

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Guinea pig nail art

Okay, are you prepared for some crazy nail art? This isn't just stripes or dots, this is the real deal, even if the thumbs resemble man-eating zombie rats. Kudos for trying, though, right?

There is actually a story behind this nail art - as a teenager (I'm 22 now) I had a million guinea pigs, it was actually insane. I loved them to bits, but I am never doing that again - my two I have now are fine for me! I had one that I really loved - he was my first little "squeaker". My neighbour gave him to me when I was about 12, I think, and he lived for about seven years all up. He was so cute! While most guinea pigs go hide when you walk past, Panda would come out and squeak at me, putting his paws up on the cage to say hello. I even painted a picture of him once. 

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Even more water-marbling!

Oh man, I just love this look. I've done it several times before, see here, here and here. But this time was definitely fourth time lucky. I was very picky about the colours I chose, and I think they worked well together.

Before I continue - I freaked out last night as my blog suddenly changed to the plain dynamic view! Then I couldn't get into my account! I still don't know exactly what happened, but I think that I probably accidentally clicked on the dynamic view from my phone, and just failed at my password. Anyway, the point of this little story is that I changed my blog layout AGAIN. I think I've changed it on average once a month. But I'll leave it like this until I get a hold of photoshop, and I'll do a nicer version of it then, and update it occasionally.

More photos below, but one more thing, TUMBLR I LOVE YOU! My nail art was featured and my page views skyrocketed. So, sweet. Love you all.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Dolphin nails (with tutorial)

Wow, just realised I took 143 photos of these nails. What. A. Freak. However, at least I was a freak with cool nails, see? 

I managed to narrow it down to just 15 photos - which is a lot of photos for one post, but I think it's justified seeing as I'm doing a pretty detailed tutorial.

Things I used:
Polishes: Blue, white, clear, base coat, grey and blue glitter.
Brushes: Whatever I had that wasn't a mess - my brushes were really cheap and half of them are all frayed now (I didn't know how to look after them at the start, too) so I just used a small brush for cleaning up the cuticles.
Extras: BM-216 and these stencil things I found at a pharmacy for cheap cheap cheap! See the picture below. Also a make up sponge, but apparently other sponges work fine too.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Pacman nails!!

YAY!!! Finally back from holiday, and have a bunch of new nail designs to show off - these, dolphins, tartan, marbling and more stripes and zig-zags. That sounds bad - I actually studied a whole lot, too! These pacman ones are probably my new all-time favourites. They took ages but it was totally worth it!! I had seen heaps of pacman nails painted with the pacman on the thumb and four ghosts on the fingers, but I wanted to be a bit different. So when I decided to paint the actual maze AND them I thought I was being quite unique. Unfortunately when I returned home to the internet (beautiful, beautiful internet) I quickly found out I am definitely not the only one doing it. But that's okay, I'm still loving the way they turned out!

I took photos along the way too, so here's a little tutorial.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Stencil nail art over CG Electrify

I'm having a complete mind-blank. I can't remember for the life of me if this is stencilling or not. Please correct me if I'm wrong! Anyway, so I saw this cool idea in a pharmacy ages ago, and bought a couple of them. It's very similar to nail stamping, but it's... not. Oh jeez, I'm on a roll. I think I'll just cut straight to the pictures.

See? Those things. I stuck the sticker on top of my nail and painted over it with another polish.