Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Sparkles, grass, dots, pastel and cows!

I've gone a little bit crazy lately. I've been sick for the last million zillion years (since Friday) and studying was actually harder than usual. So... I painted my nails. A lot. And my friend Kayla gave me some of her old nail polishes so I've had fun with them too!

1. Sparkles! This is me pretending I have something as awesome as 'Connect the Dots' or 'Sticks'n'Stones.'

2. Weird grassy thing I made up. I think it's awesome, particularly the thumb and middle finger. The rest screwed up and I completely ruined my right hand. But I'm going to get some better tools for the job and try this again.

3. Spotty dotty awesomeness. Quite enjoy this one.

4. My sister came over and we painted our nails A LOT, this was a temporary pattern of hers. Cute!

5. I have these at the moment, nice and simple - pastel colours with a cream-coloured sheen over the top.

6. Saving the best for last - I LOVE THESE! I painted them for my sister. I find it a lot easier overall doing other people's nails - the final look is much more even. Doesn't take half as long, too. 

Also, this is my current nail polish collection. Getting bigger!

Saturday, 26 May 2012

♥ You've got my heart on a string ♥

Quite plain and cute!

This is my new favourite, I stole the idea off So cute! Most of my patterns I do just to see if I can, and probably won't do again. This one, however, I can see myself re-doing a lot in the future - can't wait to try different colours!

P.S. I went back to that make up say. It. Was. Amazing. I now have a new white by revlon and orange glitter by LA girls. And some other stuff, like eyeshadow and eyeliner. Yay!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Bumblebees stripes!

I went to a make-up sale today and almost fainted. There were two huge tables laden with hundreds of amazing kinds of nail polish! OPI was on the first table, priced from $10-12 and brands like Sally Hansen, LA colours, Revlon and Loreal were on the second table, priced from $3-$10. It. Was. Amazing. Unfortunately I only had $22.73, but I still managed to get some goodies, and I am so going again later in the week.
So, these are the three new colours I got:

  And this is what they look like with one coat. I love the gold!

I decided to go for a bumblebee striped pattern that I've been wanting to do for awhile but had been missing a yellow. I took photos as I went, to show how I did it.

Step one: A clear coat underneath to prevent staining, and then two coats of yellow.

Step two: I cut up little pieces of masking tape and carefully stuck them on my nails once they were fully dry, and pressed them down on the edges. I'm not sure if another tape would be better or not, I just experimented with what I could find.

Step three: Painted over the whole nail, making sure to get all the edges and an even coat.

Step four: Once dry, I peeled off the tape and applied a couple of layers of clear nail polish to make them extra shiny and protected.

Love this pattern, it's so happy!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Glitter & Monsters

I've been trying to give my nails a break for a few days, but tonight my sister came over and I painted hers and mine... so nail polish boycott = over. 
These first ones I painted a few days back - I forgot the photos were on my camera.

These are the ones on my sister - some sort of little blue monsters/aliens.

And these are the ones I have at the moment. I had a turquoise colour underneath, 2 coats of blue sparkles and then painted on black stripes. Pretty cool :) 

Friday, 18 May 2012

Random Swirls

So my friend Nicole came over tonight, and after showing her some of the designs online I decided that I just HAD to change my nails again, as it had been more than 3 hours. 
I did two coats of white then random black swirls/lines and touches of silver to finish them off!

I think these are AWESOME! I have a birthday party to go to tomorrow too, and they'll kind of match my dress. More so than the ladybugs anyway.

I love Ladybugs!

Just a quick post after a long nail-painting session. 
I got this idea off a picture at, and have been wanting to give it a try for awhile. 
I think they turned out okay, but I need to work on a steadier hand! I need new nail polishes too, that are easier to work with, plus my nails are too short at the moment.
Still, overall I think they're cute!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

More Tiger Stripes & Metallics

Up-to-date now! Today I came home and decided to take off my striped pattern, and try it with different colours. However, the left hand didn't turn out so well so I removed everything and painted them different altogether.

The last ones took far less time than the first ones!

Tiger Stripes

15 May 2012

These are my favourites so far. Took me quite a while to do them, but sooo worth it! Even managed to not scratch them off/replace them for oh, about 48 hours.

I used silver and a couple of bronze-ish colours I had lying around, then did a few random stripes over the top. Awesome!
My sister was keen for stripey nails too, so I did hers but in more girly colours:

Strange and colourful

13 May 2012

This time I was trying to copy something off the internet but it pretty much ended up being the flag of Romania. Oops. Kinda cool though.

What I started off trying to do were colourful pianos, which I semi-succeeded with next time. Unfortunately this was taken on my phone and through instagram - the quality isn't so great.


21 April 2012 - kind of.
Okay, first post! My plan is to just show my process of learning how to "do" nail art - and well. It's actually about a month later, but the above date is when I took painted these nails. I have a handful of photos on my computer of my first attempts at various kinds of nail art/polish - crackle was first! Also, please note that I do not own a single OPI nail polish as they are overpriced and over-rated (UPDATE: Ha! My opinion on this has changed a lot). I get all mine from The Warehouse and various $2 shops, bar some hand-me-downs from mum. 
So... blue crackle with silver underneath.

Thus begins my somewhat-new obsession with nail polish. Constantly re-painting my nails suits me, as I am terrible at keeping them on. Honestly, I'm bored for half an hour and they're all scratched off.
Next, red crackle on silver. Yes, I like the silver a lot.

These were on my twelve-year-old sister's nails, and haven't been cleaned round the edges much, but still look pretty cool.
I've also played around with various other colours with my current crackle nail polish, but can't find any more pics, so these will have to do :).