Tip Top nail polish review - 11 different polishes!

I have been waiting so long to review these! Almost a month ago I got a package from Tip Top Nails South Africa and it was the best nail mail I've ever received! In it were all of the polishes you see above and below. It's taken me a month to get through them all and try them out a few times so I could get a real feel for Tip Top products.

The polishes I received were:

Toughen Up base coat
Toughen Up top coat
Flute Shoot
Creamy Orange
Gold Drop Glitter
Rikki Brest - I luv denim
Rikki Brest - U Crack Me Up

Whew! I'll start by reviewing the little duo polishes - I luv denim and U Crack me Up.

I luv denim is well-named as the colours are two different shades of blue. I quite like the way this polish is presented, it makes them easy to store and you still get enough polish in the bottles. The polish itself is amazing, both of them. One coaters, which is great. Something I've found while playing around with these products is that Tip Top does blues really well. I love all of them!

I'm not sure if each side of the stick (or whatever you'd call it!) has individual names, but as you can see, one is dark and the other is light. These photos are without a top coat, and you definitely don't need one. I haven't had a huge look at Tip Top's website, but I imagine it's marketed as a paint-and-go polish. You don't need to wait ages for them to dry when there's only one coat needed!
Overall score 4/5.

The second duo polish stick was U Crack me Up. As you probably guessed, it's a crackle polish. I've only ever had $2 shop crackles before, and this one was so much better! The thinner you spread it the more it cracks, so you can choose if you want big chips or little chips. On the other end of the stick there's a clear top coat, which just makes the black darker and finishes the whole mani.

Here's U Crack me Up over the lighter shade of the I luv denim duo.

And here it is over Creamy Orange. Overall score 3.5/5. But that's kinda mean, the 0.5 is just because I'm bored with crackle, haha.

Next we have Frenzee, which I would probably rate 3/5. I don't hate it, I don't love it. It's a shimmery nude colour, kind of a light brown/peach. This was with two coats, so that's quite reasonable. The thing that ruined it's score is the streaky finish... I don't much like seeing the brush strokes.

Flute Shoot, at first glance, looks like a dupe of China Glaze's Harvest Moon (which is probably a dupe of something else!). BUT it isn't! It's quite a unique, interesting colour that I really like, and is much redder than how it looks in the bottle. It only needed one coat too, which is amazing! I'd give it a 4/5.

THIS. THIS POLISH. Omg it's true love. 5/5 5/5 5/5 5/5. It's called Astronaut. This is actually my current favourite polish out of my WHOLE nail polish collection - that's about 250 nail polishes! It's just perfect. The colour is amazing, and it's very similar to a polish I've been crushing on for ages but have never bought - OPI "Swimsuit... Nailed it!"
Nothing else I can say. Best ever. Go buy it right now.

Creamy Orange. I guess this is cool, if you're into reds and oranges? I prefer the more unusual colours, but for what it is, it's very good. If that even makes sense. This was two coats of it and is a very nice (even if slightly boring) colour. 4/5. I think.

Gold Drop Glitter. Yeah, I like this one. It's pretty dense, but not too thick either. I have it here with two coats over what I think was Sally Hansen's Black Tie... 

... and here again over a basic white by CR. 4/5.

Can't forget the Top Coat and Base Coat!

Tip Top's Toughen Up top coat is purple-tinged polish in the centre-left in the group picture back at the top. I've been using it as my top coat for the last few weeks and while I like it, I haven't stopped experimenting with other ones either. I think the purple-ness weirds me out a bit, even though it doesn't actually seem to affect the polish underneath. Whites don't get a purple tinge or anything. I'll still use it until it's finished. I have noticed that sometimes it goes a little bubbly on the surface, but not all the time.

Toughen Up base coat is one I haven't used much, as I've recently fallen in love with Seche Vite's base coat... but so far it does seem fine. I can guarantee that I will use it all up in the end - there's no reason not to at this stage.

And so concludes the biggest review I've done thus far! Hope you've enjoyed it and if you are interested in any of the polishes feel free to contact Joan from Tip Top through this page here.

I should mention that whether you intend to buy from Tip Top or not you should 'like' their facebook page. It's actually my favourite page on facebook. Joan posts heaps of tips about nail care as well as plenty of info about nails in general. She's also got a new website all about nail care too! Find it in the links below.

 Handy links:

*This polish was provided to me for honest review by Tip Top.*


  1. Looks like Astronaut would be my go-to out of these as well!!

  2. Oooo!! These look awesome! Going to check out the Facebook page right now!
    And I love the look of the darker I Luv Denim one...and the Astronaut one! I'm a sucker for the blues. :D
    Great review, Jessie! :D

    1. Thanks, I love them too! I totally agree, their blues are perfect!

  3. I love blues as well. "I Luv Denim" looks fantastic!

    Great reviews.

  4. Great blog, job well done. I love Tip Top and really love the "I Luv Denim"


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