Take Two day 7: Black and White nails

Day Seven
Black and White nails

Note - Yep, I'm publishing this 12 hours early... can't say I'm not organised!

Eurgh. What. A. Day. I'm in Auckland at the moment; I had an appointment with the specialist/surgeon regarding my Endometriosis today. If you haven't heard about my wee dilemma regarding that you can read a post about it here. We went there today thinking that we'd end up booking me in for a Laparascopy in February but now it's going to be next week! Which is fantastic... but I'm nervous as. Needles and people poking and prodding me, two nights in hospital, general anaesthetic, morphine, two hours in surgery... and seven hours away from home for eleven days. I miss my cat already. Sigh.
Sorry, I know it's good, and I'm really happy that I might finally get fixed but I'm still a bit in shock or something, plus I'm pretty sure they took like a litre of my blood today. Well, three vials anyway... but that's the fourth blood test in less than two months! Over it -_-

So yeah, I'm going to be away from home with only 10% of my nail polish collection, meaning my colours are limited, plus I don't have my usual lamp and (rather average) lightbox. I'm using my cousin's computer to do this which, btw, is freakin' AMAZING, but I am having a few issues getting used to it. One of these issues is figuring out how to crop. Firstly he has a different photoshop than me and I'm like wwwhaaa? I don't even crop with photoshop, I don't get it. I use some basic program and it's great. So these photos aren't as close as usual but meh, it means you can't see the failed clean up haha.

I'll stop complaining now! Well, maybe for a while anyway. Here are my black and white nails. I like 'em. I've done watermarbling about four times before but I haven't added dots before and omg it just made it so much cooler. 

The pointer finger is a bit unusual. It started drying all weird and that and I wasn't really in the mood for it's attitude (yes nail polishes have attitudes). I should add that I didn't marble my right hand, I was feeling a bit lazy and dooooomed because of today haha. I'm hoping one of my good friends comes on facebook chat soon so I can moan to her instead of doing a whiny blog post...

If you've done today's challenge, enter it here!

I thought for a bit about what I was going to do for this. I didn't want to do anything too complicated but it had to look cool too. I'm doing my Auntie's nails tomorrow which I'm pretty excited about :). It's cool, most of my friends and family are supportive of my nail art obsession, especially when they find out I get the occasional free polish out of it. Although I'd be happy if I didn't get anything, there is no way I'm stopping any time soon, I'm way to obsessed. Omg I seriously can't stop waffling. NAILS, JESSIE, NAILS!

I used two Jordana polishes, Black and White. They worked really well for the marbling for the most part.

GUESS WHAT? You know how I am suffering greatly from Marmageddon? MY COUSIN HAS MARMITE! I had four beautiful pieces of marmite and butter toast on Vogels bread and it was the best breakfast I have EVER had. It was amazing. Bacon and Eggs does not compare. I thought I might have worked it up in my head but NO NO NO. Delicious. 

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Oh good, my friend's online :). I'll complain to her instead :D


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  3. OMG....beautiful nail art, I wish I could do that, I'm really a disaster when it comes to painting my nails! The jelly look so yummy :P
    You have a great blog! I'd love if you checked out my blog, and if you like it, can we follow each other? I promise I’ll follow you back <3


    "Sa├║de & Beleza - Health & Beauty"

  4. Isn't it great to have friends and family that support your nail art? I hope everything goes well, your nail polish and cat will be waiting for you when you're back :D

  5. Probably a really dumb question... I am super American... what is Marmite?

  6. This is such a beautiful marble!

  7. Fabulous dahling! Good luck with your surgery & recovery!!! <3

  8. The dots totally enhance the water marbling! Looks fab :) x

    1. I think so too! Might add some gems next time instead and see how that looks. Thanks!

  9. Very cool! I am dreading the water marble prompt. It always ends up being so messy!


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