Take Two Day 4: Flowers

Day Four

I've done sunflower nails once before, way back in June when I had just started. The post is here - I must say, I really did like those at the time but these are much tidier and the sunflowers more realistic.

See? Omg, my cuticles. And my nails are so short!! *OCD twitch*
And seriously, you call that a watermark? 

It's good having the comparison though - means I've improved, yay!

If you've done today's Take Two challenge, add it here!

There won't be much in the way of writing in this post, as I'm also preparing Day Five's post and need to sleep some time too. I'm finding it really hard to take good photos of these challenges as I'm doing them the day before at about 6pm. By the time they're finished the sun has set... and I prefer natural light so much more than artificial! I might have to plan this a little better.

Random fact - Sunflowers are my favourite flower! They're so happy and cute and BIG.

By the way, I've added the first eleven scripts for the Take Two inlinks to the Take Two tab. This thing is requiring sooo much organising! It's crazy!

I think I'll keep these on for a couple of days. I'm at work all day tomorrow and I've done the post for the next day - which, by the way, is the day I'll be travelling up to Auckland to see the specialist about my endometriosis! We'll be deciding if and when to operate, I can't wait to see what he says!!

The link for today is:

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Can't wait to see everyone elses! I'm loving seeing everyone's different takes on the theme :). Sorry if I don't comment much in the next few days, as I won't be at the computer that much.
So, what's your favourite flower?


  1. I love it! So darn cute :) It's like walking around with sunshine on your nails!

    1. It is! I had such a good day today, this MUST have been part of the reason!

  2. cute ! I love the flowers.. Can you make a tutorial how to make it? ^^

    1. I totally will! I'll do it next month when I have my new camera :)

  3. SO adorable! These just look so happy, like a ray of sunshine!

  4. They are beautiful! Bet it is cool to look back at what you were doing before and go wow - although before was still pretty awesome too! xox

    1. Yeah it's always nice to see an improvement! And thanks!

  5. These are sooo super cute! I hope you get on alright at the specialist.

  6. Woow, this is really great! I love them :)

  7. I agree with you about that sunflowers seem so happy and cute and big =D Very beautiful work!

  8. I love your sunflowers, they are gorgeous!


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