Take Two day 31: New Years Theme

Day Thirty-One
New Years Theme

It's the last day of Take Two!!! I'm looking forward to a new month to be honest. I've liked doing all the challenges but it's a lot of work. I had all the painting done by the 18th but it's the posts that I'm not as quick about! I find if I write them too far ahead of time they just get boring and blahhh. Anyway, NEW YEARS NAILS! Yay! Happy new year everyone!! Hope your 2013 is going to be awesome!

I first did these ^^ but then wanted to write 2013 on them. It didn't show up that well... but meh. I've changed my nails about 10 times since these, I'm really not that precious about my designs. On instagram someone said that my reindeer nails look like a turd and I just laughed SO much because it's true!

If you've done today's challenge, add it here:

The photo above is before the glitter, and the one below is after. I used a Tip Top South Africa polish called Gold Drop Glitter here - it looks perfect for new years. I'm not sure what the rest of the colours are lol... oh wait, I think the blue was a Tip Top one as well, Astronaut. And I assume the gold is Revlon's Golden Charm because I use that one so much it's ridiculous. I'll have to buy a new one soon! 

Hope you like them! If I'm organised I'll do another post today combing a few different new years looks I've been playing around with.

The script for today's link up is:

<!-- start InLinkz script -->

<script type="text/javascript">
               document.write('<script type="text/javascript" src=http://www.inlinkz.com/cs.php?id=223438&' + new Date().getTime() + '"><\/script>');</script>
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^^ I hate how it always seperates out all weird, I've played around with it heaps but fskufhskfhsfhejvjbvk stupid thing.


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