Take Two day 29: Money nails

Day Twenty-nine
Money nails

I was a bit stuck for ideas for these nails... painting on notes would be too hard and I couldn't think of much else. However, my husband suggested money bags, which I thought was cool! It's kind of ironic though, as this week is the poorest we've ever been. I got paid in advance because of Christmas so we were rich last week, but we didn't know it was in advance (we thought it was just lots of little amounts that had added up to it). But nooo... so this week, we have $6 to spend on groceries, petrol and anything else. Good thing we stocked up on food last week!

As you can see, I used little gems for coins. I think the whole look was pretty cute but not something I'd really wear out though... it's a bit weird.

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I'm slowly organising myself to start youtube. I cleared the table... then made a mess of it again :P.

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  1. I love the uniqueness of this manicure! Very cute idea. Similar to you though, I'm not sure I'd go out with bags on money on my nails haha, that might just be though because I'd feel like a faker!

    1. Thanks! It's pretty crazy, and yeah I'd feel like a total faker!

  2. This made me laugh out loud! I just had to tell you so!


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