Take Two day 23: Inspired by Fashion/Overalls nails!

Day Twenty-Three
Inspired by Fashion

I just have to say that I LOVE these nails! They're one of my favourites from this challenge and in my top 10 of all time :). Okay, so the theme for today is "Inspired by Fashion" and I'm just not that fashionable. I mean, I try to dress well sometimes, like when I go to parties or out for dinner but in general I pay much more attention to my nails than my clothes. Which is mostly because nail polish is a lot cheaper, I think.

So, I decided that instead of trying to figure out what was fashionable these days I'd go for something completely unfashionable - overalls! I think Americans call them coveralls though... I don't know. Either way, you don't see these a lot these days unless the legs have been chopped off and enough leg is showing to make it sexy. And I think you're meant to wear a singlet top, not a t-shirt underneath. How impractical. I found this picture of Katie Holmes wearing them the cool way...

Unsure of original source
And this one is the uncool way. Look how much happier he is though!

If you've done today's challenge add it here:

So yeah, farmer overalls are awesome.

To make it even more exciting I added in the brightly patterned t shirts. They pretty much seal the deal of awesomeness.

I actually used to wear overalls and a T shirt very similar to my ring finger and thumb when I was a kid. Yes, I was a super cool kid, I know. But honestly, they're so much more comfortable than grown-up women clothes. And bras? Seriously, they're a pain. Especially the ones with the detachable straps and they always detach themselves at the most annoying times!! It's okay, we're (mostly) all girls here.

Hope you like this manicure as much as I did! On a completely different note I just applied for the job of my dreams! I'm actually somewhat qualified for it too, but I'm sure I'm up against heaps of other awesome people - so cross your fingers and wish me luck! 

What's your most embarrassing unfashionable moment? Any cringe-worthy times in high school when you wanted to express your individuality and style but it just failed? 

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  1. I LOVE these. They're absolutely adorable!! And it's okay! I'm not that stylish either :D

  2. How cleaver...never have seen an overall mani before now...I live in the states and I call them overalls. My take on the difference in overalls vs coveralls seems to be regional in the US - I hear more folks from the heartland (midwest) call them coveralls but that's just my take. When I grew up men wore coveralls and those were like a flightsuit - a onepiece thing that men wore alone or put them on over their work clothing to help save the underclothing from a lot of dirt/paint or whatever...to me those are coveralls. I would wear short overalls in a second again this summer if I saw them again and found them to fit me. I have a long torso and am tall to boot so it' hard for me to find 'em to fit..usually they are too short in the crotch.

    I got excited recently when Justin Bieber was given whatever award by the Canadian PM - he was in overalls and a T during his concert or maybe it was a prep sound check thing for a concert. I thought - yah...maybe this will set a trend to bring back overalls! I still remember how sad I was when the last pair I had the snaps or whatever = something in the shoulder fasteners went. I knew it would be years to find another pair that fit me...and shortly after that they fell out of fashion...am thinking it was the late 90's or early 2000's. Again, really cute mani.

    1. Oh that's good to know! Come to think of it, here in New Zealand we call two different things overalls - the ones I've shown here AND the ones that you guys call coveralls. Which makes more sense, really. I must say I do think the shorts overalls are pretty cute, but I never really see them around and don't know if I'm brave enough to wear them anyway!

      I saw that! Someone was making a joke of it on the internet somewhere. Thanks!!

    2. And we Brits call them Dungarees because we're too cool =D

    3. Haha crazy! We need just one universal name, don't we!

  3. These are adorable! I'm very impressed.

  4. Omggg, this is sooo adorable! You did an amazing job <333

  5. omg! these absolutely adorable! I love love love them! :) amazing!

  6. These are super cute! I used to love overalls when I was a kid!

    1. They're great eh? I had one pair I used to always wear.


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