Take Two day 22: Gradient

Day Twenty-two

I did these agggges ago now! I think I did them around the 10th, and they've been waiting to be published since then. I'm not really that great at gradients, but these were okay. Not as even as I'd like them to be though. I think I'll do a few more soon and see what works best for me.

The biggest problem I have with gradient nails is that I get little bits of fluff or whatever stuck in the sponge and by the time I notice them my nails are yuck. That's why I chose a dark colour, actually. It's much harder to see imperfections!

If you've done today's challenge, add it here!

I think for this gradient I just sponged on the dark colour at the tip, rather than doing the mix-two-colours and sponge them both on thing. And in some of the photos you can see that I applied Revlon's Colada fizz at the ends.

I once tried doing a rainbow gradient but that completely failed and turned brown. I think for those you're actually meant to do what I did here; instead of apply all of the colours to the sponge just apply one at a time. If anyone's done this let me know :).

Tomorrow's challenge is "inspired by fashion!" I can't wait to show you what I did! They're one of my favourites from the whole 31 day challenge!

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