Take Two day 21: Galaxy nails

Day Twenty-One
Galaxy nails

So with the world apparently ending today it should be quite exciting. Or else, you know, it'll just be totally normal. I'll go to work, eat lunch, probably paint my nails at some point. However, if it does end, it had better be a good show - preferably something dramatic like I painted on my nails. 
May I present my end of the world nails!!

Armageddon, the Mayans running out of room and sealing our doom, a giant meteor/comet destroying us... this little drama makes for a much funner manicure than usual :P. It started out as galaxy nails, as you can see below. I'm loving Colada Fizz by Revlon at the moment - it's really great for galaxy nails.

If you've done today's challenge, add it here:

I think what I like best about this is the fact that I sponged on some clouds around earth. It looks better, more realistic. Plus you can't notice my completely screwed up representation of earth as easily...

Hope you like them! See you on the other side.

Also, I WILL reply to blog comments soon! Just a bit busy- who am I kidding, I just got two new Sims 3 games and can't stop playing :P.

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  1. These are probably the best galaxy nails I've ever seen! Your earth looks crazy real :)

    1. Awesome, thanks!! I think adding the clouds made it look way better :)

  2. Very awesome, I love the comet! :) x

  3. This so so much fun! I LOVE IT!


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